6 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS arrived at Gimpo airport_20130601”

  1. hi my sweetheart tenshi
    can I ask you a question please? how we can send message to jks, to he Surely see it ??
    I’m from the country that jks don’t know much about that, and he don’t even know, there’s a lot of people here, that love him so much and we’re so sad because of this… our government even restrict internet access for us and we have to use proxy to can see pics on your website! we just wanna say him that we loves him too, but how??!….T_T please give me guidance T_T thanks…

    • Hi my dear brother or sister .i am from Iran Your country is like mine. I saw your note i asked your Q before from tenshi i can say some address that may be help you .i have 2 addresses that give you dear:1_collected zikzin:1_15_2,jinnan,shibuya.tokyo. tel:+813_6277_5328.gmail:zikzin tokyo@gmail.com and secend one address:is for new shope which named,,shiibuya shop:jinnan,shibuya.tokyo. tel:+81_3_3464_3328and 3th one is his towitter :Asia prince _Jks. If you need agood proxy i recomend you psyphone3. I become so happy to help you and your friendsI have page on face book : Tahere Mohammadi Nakhjiri. Good luck my dear:)

  2. Dear Tenshi:

    I would like to ask, if JKS have any plans of visiting Philippines. I think he visited Philippines before I’m not sure about it. I hope he’ll try to make a concert also here in the Philippines, He doesn’t know that he also have lots of fans in her.


    • That’s true…. How I wish he could also visit his fans here in the Phils…. How I wish I could see him…..


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