6 thoughts on “[Pics-1] Lotte Duty Free new pics”

  1. Wow, I liike that Style and allmost every Style of JKS. I looked love rain again the seventh time. Waiting for new drama.

    Wishes from Finland

  2. Prince is always one to stand out in a crowd. Lotte, please note, none others compare to his presence in the photo shoot.
    All eyes focus on JKS, therefore, what he wears becomes a topic of conversation, which is great for Lotte……because it sells!!!!
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams from your dedicated supporter in Boca Raton, Fl.
    Konbae and Kamsamhamnida for being you.

    • Hi Susanna – you can say that again!!! Call me super-biased towards Sukkie – even if his pic was only placed in the bottom left corner, it still stands out in the crowd.

  3. I love you jang,i would like to meet you, I’ve seen You’re Beautiful, Love in Rain, Mary Mary, I’m big fan of yours, I love you, you’re so cute and you have a beautiful smile,I’m from Cuba and want you to know that we follow your career here,i love youuuuuuuu(sorry I do not speak very good English)


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