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  1. Yup, no doubt about it.
    He has an attractive aura!
    His aura is so shiny and colourful that we will be naturally attracted to him!
    Awesome natural power!

  2. people who don’t know about Sukkie always change their initial perception of him just after one interview and meeting with him.. they soon discover his amazing personality just like how many of our eel sistes have shared their road to knowing Sukkie beyond the actor/singer Jang Keun Suk ^_^

    • You seem not familiar with soft-subs.
      Please check the guidance below. This guidance I posted on YouTube page, too.
      I edited this with YouTube, so the subtitles are only seen on YouTube with PC.
      [[ How to see the subtitles]]
      If you cannot see the English subs, please click “balloon” button.
      [[ How to Change the background style or font size ]]
      ■To make the captions bigger, click in the player and type +.
      ■To make the captions smaller, click in the player and type -.
      ■To change the color of the captions, mouse over “balloon” and chose “other settings

  3. Thank you for the Eng-Sub. Perfect performance in a short or long interview. Always makes his interviews interesting, whatever the topic maybe. Always love and admire our prince, for his quick reaction and intelligent reply leaving the MC and audience in awe and praise. Proud of you, prince. ZikZin!!!

  4. Got it, thank you Tenshi for the translation, you are right, not really familiar with technology and thanks for your help.


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