[Update] JKS seen in London

Pics/info credits: Aire_Trent @ Suk Baidu Bar

After days of unsuccessful search in London by JKS eels for JKS, Jang Keun Suk has been spotted on Sunday 20 March on a photograph shoot on the streets of London by someone who isn’t a fan but is kind enough to alert eels to JKS’ whereabouts and even uploaded a map of his exact shooting location (see map below, though unfortunately he may not be there today).

Aire Trent was shopping at a small bazaar with a group of friends when she came across JKS, whom she did not recognize but one of her friends did. Then Aire Trent and her friends were having Chinese ramen lunch when JKS and 3 of his fellow workers came to have lunch at the same place, sitting at the table next to them. This close encounter was, again, the envy of all eels worldwide.

Eels were happy to see updates of JKS’ whereabouts (as always), and happy to finally see pictures of JKS eating instead of dieting, but the thing that surprised us all is JKS’ mop of curly hair which …. may not be the smartest looking hairstyle in the world (of course, nevertheless, we still support him ^^ ).

On top of that, JKS was sporting a scruffy, street image comprising a sleeveless shirt for the shoot that must have been of little protection against the London cold … poor baby … If it was food he was looking intently at in the pictures and not a carom board or some sort of game board, I’d be liable to think that he looks like a hungry street waif …

The pic below is courtesy of another eel who did a comparison of the curly hairstyle that JKS was spotted with yesterday, and a previous hairstyle.

Credits: yayahehedan @ Suk Baidu Bar

(Corrected) Lunch location in London on Sunday 20 March

60 thoughts on “[Update] JKS seen in London”

  1. My first reaction was: “what the heck happened to his hair?” But as I look at it for the nth time now I’m getting to use to it. With his curly mop of hair plus his outfit & the way his looking at his food I totally agree with you that he looks like a street waif. 🙂

    • With JKS being so daring and experimental with his image, clothes and hairstyle, i think we need to be mentally strong enough for ‘surprises’ and get used to all the outlandish things he does! 🙂

      • Sometimes i feel he is just as playful as a big boy, probably he is watching our response, happily saying ” Ha, I got you.”

    • Hahahaha, when I saw this hairstyle, I just commented on it as JGS, looks like you are having a bad hair day ! That’s how my hair look like if I don’t straighten it when I wake up in the morning!

    • Exactly! I just hope he will cut them just a little like in the old picture where he is gorgeous!

      Ah, but who am I fooling, I got used to the long girly hair I’ll love that style too 🙂

  2. nooooooooooooo……………. *_*
    what in the world happened to you my dear sukkie…..
    still i love you like before, a hair won’t change any thing…..

  3. my first reaction……
    is it really geun suk oppa?????…………and remain speechless….staring at the pics……..

    ….still, he looks cute with this hairstyle…….more than cute actually….his poor looks makes me wanna embrace him…… haha =)

  4. saranghae jung plezz come 2 malaysa..you’re so gentleman.
    you’re my everything to me for me, you ‘re such a wonderful and so sweet!i love korea…and you the group a n jell…:)

  5. i hope your second album will be number onr in the top chart always be my favourite an jell group jugsk.. really want you to know ‘i go crazy beacause of you always an my heart…jeong mallo saranghamnida…4everrr….

  6. As a Chinese I am impressed that the latest message about Suk always comes from Chinese eels, or Chinese website.
    He must be cold in the first picture.

    • I am also very impressed by the resourceful network and dedication of Chinese eels …. i (and most other countries) always get info from them. They even translate Korean and Japanese into Chinese (and sometimes English) …..

  7. My first impression: he looks like my Italian grandma (i.e. the hair). Second impression: lots of makeup. Third impression: Wow, oppa has lots of guts to put on this image and eat in a public restaurant. Four impression: poor oppa, still cannot get any privacy with strangers snapping photos off your pretty face. Final say: Thanks a lot for the news, the photo and I will always support you – JKS oppa !! You are our true Prince. You should be praised for your hard work for the eels, always…

    • ~ LOL on the resemblance to your grandma’s hair. in fact, it’s what the Chinese eels use to describe his hair, literally “Big Mother’s” hair…

      and one thing that JKS has lots of, is guts!
      I like the part in the Hawaii vacation video when he walked into the restaurant without his shirt on and started ordering food and eating…. naturally himself ^^

      • ha ha ha… I didn’t realize that the Chinese eels think the same way as me. I showed my nana his photo and she gave me a big whack on my butt !! Ha ha ha, his hair color especially looks like nana’s, even though she has more grey now… Yes, he sure has a lot of guts, what a brave man !! I admire you Oppa.

      • and ohhh, my nana has naturally curly hair… always messy though, I must say… just like JKS’ photo… ha ha haaaa…

  8. OMG!!!! What happened to his hair???…. my 7 y/o daughter can’t stop laughing while looking at his picture… she usually see Suk’s picture at my cp’s themes and desktop wallpaper with long hair… anyway, after looking at it several times my eyes are getting use to it… maybe he’s preparing his looks for his role as “momo”… he’s still cute & handsome as always whatever his hairstyle is… he’s the only one i know who can carry different hairstyles with justice……

    • that’s how i feel too – i would detest it if other guys have this kind of hairstyle, but i can practically accept anything if it’s dear Sukkie doing it ^^

  9. omg!! he’s in london.. i was always praying when he’ll drop in ldn.. n finally he’s here without notice!! IDK where the heck he’s now which street which place!! oh! m going crazy… any updates guys!!! plzz

  10. I think he’s testing the loyalty of his fans by experimenting this hairstyle… hahaha… i’m proud to claim that i pass this test…LOL…. but on the hand, r u sure that he’s not just wearing a wig? pls… tell me that it’s a wig…

    • well, some people say it’s a wig, but looking at these pics, i think it’s too natural to be a wig?
      maybe it’s a temporary curl for one day, and the next day, the curls will wash out.

      i think he doesn’t intend to test our loyalty, but when things happen or a controversial point arises due to his hair, clothes or actions, these things in reality do function as some sort of “test”. i may not always agree with his choice of fashion (or whatever), but it is his own freedom to do what he likes ^^

      anyway, he generally looks great in almost everything~!

    • upon closer look at the pics, i think the hair doesn’t look so natural after all.
      maybe it’s a wig * looks hopeful *

    • LOL… this place is full of people who have fainted for 1 minute, then wake up again to take a 2nd look, then decide whether to dislike this hairstyle or accept it …. : D

      • Hey aprhael,i think you’ve done a great job to make your blog crowd with people who agree or disagree with JKS style 😀 i’m part of those who shocked but yet happy to read an updates about the prince.keep up the good work dear…

  11. Our Keun Suk is really working very hard. It’s still very cold in London, UK at this time of the year. I remembered once I was there in April and we actually had hail storm (ice blocks falling from the sky)!! Things don’t really “warm up” for good until May there.

    That full length picture of him in sleeveless shirt looking at board game, totally is the picture of a young man pursuing his dream in the performing arts (dance). So I could completely accept his curly hair and am absolutely convinced that he will do an amazing job portraying his character in the “Pet” movie.

    Keun Suk is such a dedicated Artiste. He is already “incharacter” for his upcoming movie role and suffering the cold just to get that perfect photoshoot. For all his unwavering efforts, I am sure the movie will be yet another superb performance and his photobook now a MUST BUY for me!!! I think he will still turn out irressistably cute in the photos with that out of the box hair style … no doubt about it!

    • His dedication and professionalism always amazes me…. he can do anything just to get in character … incredible passion and focus….

      This is a must-buy for me too! ^^

  12. My god, what a look…..but i love u even more and more how ever you do your here style, you rock every where or when…………..i love uuuuuuuuuu….

  13. Awwww sukkie 😀 You look amazing no matter what, I can get used to that hair if he decided to keep it! haha however I think that it’s jus a photoshoot thing or as many fans are saying, sukkie is preparing himself for his new role XD aww this is of the things that I love about him, he’s not afraid to try new things with his image<3 <3

  14. i can’t comment with his hair.. coz my computer doesnt show the pictures.. i just read all the comments.. but i believe any hairstyle can pull off by JKS.. it just a matter of time for us to be used to it.. 🙂 i’m just imagining its like the hair of one of the dancer in the movie step up 3D if he’s preparing for his movie You’re My Pet..

    My God!!! so much news i been missing coz of my internet has no connection for almost two weeks!!! By the way aphrael, congratulations!! there’s a lot of new names i’ve seen in the comment section of your post thats mean your blog is getting popular.. hehe.. way to go!! you’re blog is really cool!!

    • hi migrap, welcome back ^^

      it’s not because your PC doesn’t show the pics… it’s cos I have Photobucket problems so the pics are missing at the moment…. will take me a few days to repair what I can….

      and the new names are really not my credit at all …. i didn’t predict that so many people have things to say about JKS’ hair …. hehehe ….which means I should post more about changes in his hair or image more often XD

  15. JKS is an artist. He is just expressing his creativity. besides, this get-up is a decoy to avert unnecessary attention. he is really sexy and hot no matter what he wears!


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