13 thoughts on “[I miss YAB] Hwang Tae-Kyung’s fashion styles”

  1. *fans herself*

    I can’t thank you enough, you really made my morning with these posts: I miss HTK’s hair, fashion-style and of course arrogance lol

    I don’t think another actor could have shine as HTK only JGS could, and I’ll forever be gratefull to the Hong sisters for that!

    • how i wish the Hong sisters can produce another drama tailored for JKS, as per what they had promised before!
      think their dramas are quite good-quality

      • I think I’ve read *correct me if I’m wrong* they wanted to write for him since Hong Qil Dong; I haven’t watched many dramas so I can’t really compare, but YAB was very well written to me: they’re really talented, so YES they can write another JGS drama ANYTIME! I’ll run to it!!

        PS: I started HQD btw, it was soooo long to get to JGS first appearance lol I think my heart jumped out of my chest when he (FINALLY) came onscreen!

      • to me, HGD is all about waiting for JKS’ appearance … LOL~

        let me know when u finish watching HGD? curious abt your afterthoughts … and promise i’ll send you a nice gift for completing 24 episodes! * winks *

  2. thanks for reminding me,its been 2 weeks since i havent watch YAB.its like my sanity dose,to take it once a week.and now just like rongling,i have JKS on my screen,playing my fave character,HTK.and yes sweety,agree with u,his arrogance makes him more attractive.HTK is the reason i fell in love with JKS for the first time.and the more i know his true personality (thanks to apprhael for this 😀 )the more love him for who he is.

  3. Do you usually watch all the episodes or only your favourite? I usually start at episode 7 then I can’t stop and it all through the end if I have time 😉

  4. kekeke…gotcha ! back then i only re play it after the “electricity” episodes.but now its just too waste to miss all HTK scenes :p .theres even a moment where i come to office in the morning with dizzy coz i’ve only slept for an hour.i must have been drunk for JGS hehe..


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