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Finally it came out!!! Zikzin BE@RBRICK!!!
I’m looking forward to upcoming CRI SHOW BE@RBRICK as well!!

드디어 나왔다!!! 직진 베어브릭!!!
곧 나올 크리쇼 베어브릭도 기대직진!!
tenshi_akuma’s note: Zikzin BE@RBRICK, collaborative product between ZIKZIN and MEDICOM TOKY will be sold at the end of June. The zikzin BE@RBRICK is 70 mm tall. The price is 1,575 yen (in tax). Jang Keun Suk handwritten “Jyo Zikzin!!!” is printed on each BE@RBRICK. For more detail, please check this website.

They are doing war of nerves…
이 생키들 은근히 신경전 부리는 중…

I’m going to inform you of other zikzin shop upcoming items directly.. now CRI SHOW BE@RBRICK which takes 8 months for preparation and official zikzin character Pig zin-kun are ready for the release. Other things, we are planning a farm set for zin-kun. puhhaha
I’m going to prepare toy shop -_- k

그 밖의 직진샵의 상품을 직접 안내해드리자면..8개월간의 시간이 소요되고 있는 크리쇼 베어브릭과 본격 직진 공식캐릭터인 돼지생키
찡 군이 스텐바이 중입니다. 그 밖에는 찡 군 농장셋트를 구성중에 있습니다만 푸라하하하
장난감가게 차리려고-_-ㅋ

The reason why I named him zin-kun… is I simply used the sound of zikzin, like zikzin! zin! zin-kun!!…
Oh… what am I talking about..?

왜 이름이 찡 군이냐면… 직진 의 소리를 그대러 살려 직찐! 찐! 찡군!! 이라 만들게 되었…
아…말인가 막걸리인가..

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  1. Ahm, what do you use this BE@RBRICK for? Is it like a toy or can it hold something? I don’t get it?

    Thanx, in advance, for clarifying 🙂


  2. Prince and his toy factory product…
    There is the pig….and…a farm …..and the bears…(Oh I love bears)!
    Sounds more like an animal farm…kkkk
    Zikzin product zikzin!


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