[14.04.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Facebook

You stupid
The name of my car is fiart!!
did you point out the spelling mistake? how dare you..with my car name!!!! Fiarrrrt has soul of art tada!!

이 바보들아 내 차의 이름이 fiart 라고!! 철자틀렸다고 지적질이냐??감히 내 차 이름을 가지고!!!! 예술의 혼이 담겨 있는 피알~트 뚜둥!!

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  1. Cheeky boy….now he said he name his car the red Fiat, Fiart and call it artistic coz he combine Fi and art………hahaha. Boy, you always want to win. 🙂

    • that’s not cheeky. From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. He is saying that Tenshi is stupid? Well, are you?

  2. hahahha….Sukkie is too silly cute!!! Eels have no chance to match wits with him…loll

    FiART is daebek name for your car!!!!

  3. That is bad! He called his fans “stupid”. I accept, I am “stupid” to be his fan. But, not anymore. I don’t like the way he blurts out. Its not funny. If he can talk to his HS media Jason as “pig” and he calls his eels “stupid”. I wonder what we’ll be next.

    • Thank you, candygirl. I understand your point and honestly I feel the same. Especially on Facebook I think he shouldn’t have used this word… Twitter is more like just saying to myself, but Facebook is not. The visitors can read all posts until it is deleted. For those who don’t know him, that word will be imprinted in their heart, with not good impression. I don’t want him to mistake this. Thank you, again. We support him, but sometimes we need to show the best way when he seemed to go off the right path.

      • Even I sis Tenshi when I read sukkie saying that stupid words I got so hurted and really not good I believe that many people who read that, will had bad feeling impression towards sukkie ,but I fully understand him that he so really upset on that time but I hope some of fans will understand him too

    • candygirl,

      I somewhat understand your feeling. Being a public figure, Sukkie should be careful of what he is saying. Being called stupid is not funny; however, if it is being with story behind it or being say among friends or by someone whom you know are playful outspoken …then it’s not offended word anymore.
      This is NOT the First time, (or will be the last time), Sukkie was playfully posting foolish or stupid comment on Websites.

      candygirl, If it would make you feel better, you can write to him and saying he is STUPID too. JKS and EELs’ relationship are TWO ways relation!!! You don’t have to feel hurt or being offended by him alone. LET’s him know. That would teach him something, right!! kkkk

      Honestly, when I first read this POST on his official FB, I was laughing my heart out because I was thinking….oh boy, Sukkie is too silly not to admitt he, sometimes, makes a mistake like everyone else. All he has to do is just say sorry, he spells it wrong, but noooo….he decided to respond to (or better word, outwit his eels) his eels by naming his CAR, FiART!!!….sooooo typical of Sukkie behaving this way.

      Yeahh…I agree many times Sukkie needed to be scolded by someone with his silly crazy or inappropiate actions or words.

      By all means, I don’t think Sukkie meant to hurt or offended his fans by this FIART post incident.

    • Sorry, but I have read that other kpop idols called “stupid” to one or two of their own fans … because sometimes a few fans do ask or give wrong answers, but these fans did not bothered … for to the contrary … they laughed together and let pass lapses. But I do not see it offensive, it only proves the level of confidence between the idol and his fans. It’s also very important the tone of voice … and I think Keun-Chan (JKS) didn’t maliciously.
      It’s like when you say to your best friend: ” I love you fucking bitch “.

      Don’t worry guys. ^^

  4. Tenshi..is he replying you?? sorry..i dont know about that..but i really hope you dont get hurt..if u know him..u will understand him..i think he just feel closed to u and eels..thats why he can freely use that word..i had read and heard that word so many time before when he communicate with his friends or eels..

    • I wonder if it is also related to different culture, as in Chinese (e.g.. we can see very often on Taiwanese drama or HK dramas..).. among close friends or people we know well. sometimes we will say “笨蛋“ (stupid) quite for foolish act or exclamation.. that is why it doesn’t sound offending to me but once it is translated to English, it sounds rude if read by someone who don’t know him well but I guess Kaori chan wants to point up to Sukkie also that his message is now on FB (open to public) and not on Twitter (who are followed by his eels normally)

      • QQ, that’s exactly my point.

        We Japanese also use such words (I don’t though…), and I think many other countries do. But translating the nuance is very difficult. I don’t know the nuance in Korean, but when I translated it to English in [14.04.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter, I didn’t chose “stupid”… Instead, I chose “fool”… I’m not sure the nuance between stupid and fool, but for me fool sounds softer… so I chose it in my translation.

      • I agree with QQ said and when it comes to translation sometime, the “sense” get lost from it. And personally I like him to be as “un-typical” figure. Yes, it is for public, but this is more of thing he express himself. As a guy who knows car so well, it is hardly he won’t know the right spelling of a car. Yes, many fans didn’t get it at the first, so what, then he defended himself, so what. Why all take this kind things so in a “formal” manner, is not like he is making an announcement or something. He is just being Jang Keun Suk to have contact on facebook or twitter with his fans. Enjoy and have fun with a star who is not just say what “polite” person say. I loves his character, he is not perfect and sometimes he made mistake, but here really I don’t think he means to harm anyone.

    • sukasukkie, I didn’t get hurt… and I actually didn’t get his reply personally. I’m one of eels who told him that he seemed to spell wrong.

      • im glad to hear it..sis mui mui, i strongly agree with ur point..now i think the translation should be accurate enough to avoid misunderstand. to advice suk..i dont think he will heard it instead of accuse eels being nagging.kkkkk…

      • Sukasukkie, actually many of the eels are laughing with the comments and some of us even said give Sukkie a scolding or beating at the backside (if we can like his mum ^_^) But the most important thing is everytime through such event.. we can see that eels who really understand him and guiding him in the right way.. Sukkie is lucky to have many of his eels who are Noona, mums and grandmas who treated him like a family member… really a blessing this boy! ^_^

  5. well, i think he does not mean to offend anyone. As Chinese, we say this word often to people whom we are close. I think he often use this word casually, so i am sure he did not meant to be really “scolding” his fan.

    But it is true that he should still remember that as a public figure, he must understand some rules and boundaries. We can’t see his expression when he types so to avoid misunderstanding, it is important to be careful. I think that is one of the flaws of being your own boss, no one is there to give advice to you when needed.

  6. No, I am not for “stupid”, if he means it he should apologize. Trying to help, does he meant to say “silly”, “crazy” etc. ? Another explanation is about degree of intimacy, if he feels very intimate with us, his eels, he may use “stupid” but not to elderly eels, honey. STOP IT STUPID, That is how intimates shout to each other, sweetie Geun Chan.

  7. I did not take offence…
    If you read all Sukkies postings through the years he’s still the same…
    “Stupid” is not so negative as we think…he’s a Asian..a Korean..if you watch all the Asian dramas and movies you will hear it and other synonyms mention everytime by young and old..
    btw..Google translate gives me “fool”
    If you read the rest of his posting you will find he was playfully complaining we misread him…we know that he loves to play with words..he loves his little hot rod and is spoiling it with lots of goodies : )

    Sukkie is a very very polite and honest boy…very well brought up; the whole industry knows that…
    Because he’s directly communicating with us he’s posting the same way as he does with his friends…it should be an honor for he considers us as friends..
    Anyhow..If there is something he would never want to give up…that is “self management” for he has the freedom to do and say what he want…
    I think a lot of us love him because he’s so freespirited & frank, not so controlled, uptide and polished as other idols..
    So let’s us not become too sensitive, hyper & hypocritical about this..if something is really bothering you just send him your personal message on Cri-J

  8. All of us are so defensive for Geun Chan. I’ve never heard a word from him. Why he has twitter, Facebook accounts where they are interactive. He should have said something. Twitter and FB are not his diaries. He is talking to his fan club and talking to someone means you need to listen to them as well. You are not talking to yourself. I think I will stop spending time on this. It is really STUPID, man.

    • I cannot hold this feeling of mine, but I thought I’d express my thoughts about what’s going on with JKS. I just can’t ignore the things I see (on Twitter) like stomping of the pig. He shouldn’t have shown his anger on-camera because the world is watching and paying attention to every word he says. Using Jason’s name for stomping out the pig is incorrect because some of us know it hits closer to home (with the love of his life) and I hope that woman can be strong enough to handle what’s been going on, in regards to their personal and private life. Her character is simple, dignified, humble, kind, and well-loved by many people. Everything I have said so far is just my opinion and what I am feeling regarding this subject, so please don’t take it personally. I pray for her that she’s okay in God’s hands

  9. Sudie,

    if telling Sukkie that he is STUPID to make you feel better then go ahead. in his every post in FB, thousands are commenting so he really can’t answer it all but i believe that he’s reading what his eels are writing. if he did not read their comments, how come that he knew that his eels thought that he misspelled the word FIAT to FIART. i love him for he shares everything with us even his mischievousness. if you will know him better, you will understand why most of his eels are still dedicated to him despite of his being tactless.

  10. boy .. reading all these proofs that its really demanding and hard time trying to accommodate to thousands of individuals that are from different cultures and age range. Everyone has their own expectations from him . What I see is that , being a busy celeb , he still goes through the work of maintaining all these diff social networking platforms ( twitter ,weibo, FB , korea fanclub , japan fanclub , ameblog ,apps etc) and not to mention using multiple language to communicate with fans. This alone I already bow to him , as I find maintaining a website is hassle enough. He has to come out with the content , prepare the photos & videos , read the comments despite running his core business . Fans just keep DEMANDING endlessly … demands for him to learn their language like as if he is some sort of genius that can pick up everything overnight . Demanding him to give explanation to every little possible misunderstanding etc..

  11. I don’t think so it was mispelled. JKS has to see the car & read about its specifications, how can one buy a car without knowing a thing about it after all he is the one who will drive it & there are customized things in that car. He knows for sure that its FIAT then when he wants to share his excitement with his fans he posted & share its given name (from him) – FIART. We just didn’t get it from the beginning but for sure he knows it!

    As for this “stupid” thing. That’s the burden of having to communicate or translate from one language to another – there can never be exact, equal meaning. Culture as well, what maybe norm to them can be rude to another culture. JKS needs to understand that there are words in english that he should not use esp. public posting. Anyway most of the eels have forgiven him. Just misunderstanding… but what I’m worried about are the haters – hope they will not catch on this issue.

    Me, myself I excuse Sukkie. Everytime I watch any of his drama, can’t help but be amaze.

    • True…he is a car enthusiast, how could he possible not know the name of the car he bought. Mixing up a fashion brand yeah…but such a common car brand , don’t think so .

  12. In the U.S. we have an expression: “Do I look like I have stupid written on my forehead” …. it’s self-deprecating. It’s a JOKE! Nobody takes it seriously. Please give Keun Suk some credit for knowing exactly what he’s doing. Fiart … it was no spelling mistake …. I thought it was marvelous….and very clever.
    Cheers from your number one supporter and Noona in Boca Raton, Florida,

  13. Last week, I was watching The Voice Season 4 which is my favorite US reality talent show, and guess what … when a contestant had finished singing her song, Adam Levine immediately stood up and pointing his finger at Blake Shelton, said loudly, “STUPID!” because Blake did not press his button. Blake’s response was “HAHAHA”. Now, this show is watched by millions of TV viewers, and I haven’t seen anyone yet condemning Adam Levine for his remark on twitter …

  14. Elisa – Well done!
    The Voice is my favorite show as well. As you correctly pointed out ….Stupid … is accepted in a light-hearted, fun-loving manner!
    Kind regards from your friend in Boca Raton, Florida,


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