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Finally came out!! Zikzin bearbrick!!!
Im expecting the crishow bearbricks coming soon.

드디어 나왔다!!! 직진 베어브릭!!!
곧 나올 크리쇼 베어브릭도 기대직진!!

They are striking sparks off each other
이 생키들 은근히 신경전 부리는 중

Something else to say about the product of Zikzin shop..
This shop is preparing the cri show bearbricks which takes 8 months
and the pig ZZINGKUN which is official character.
Also the shop is planning a farm set of ZZING though puhhaha i’m gonna make this shop toy store-_-ㅋ

그 밖의 직진샵의 상품을 직접 안내해드리자면..
8개월간의 시간이 소요되고 있는 크리쇼 베어브릭과
본격 직진 공식캐릭터인 돼지생키 찡 군이 스텐바이 중입니다.
그 밖에는 찡 군 농장셋트를 구성중에 있습니다만 푸라하하하 장난감가게 차리려고-_-ㅋ

This is why his name is ZZING… It sounds like ZIKZZIN! ZZIN! ZZINGKUN!! of the Zikzin…that is why i made the …..ah…i don’t know what i’m talking about
왜 이름이 찡 군이냐면… 직진 의 소리를 그대러 살려 직찐! 찐! 찡군!! 이라 만들게 되었… 아…말인가 막걸리인가..

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  1. Toy store is a clever idea. I believe that “Pig” will be the “hot item” because Eels with make an immediate connection to Sukkie since he’s been promoting Pig as his fun-loving toy….plus Pig travels well. Bearbricks make great display on someone’s desk in your home or office.
    Wishing you much success on this new venture. Konbae, Cheers, your supporter in Boca Raton, Florida,


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