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UPDATE: 10Asia has English version of this article (full) out. The link is here, please click to read. Since the Chinese translation we used for English translation had some parts missed out. This is an article worth to read it in full again.

Source: 10AsiaKorea
Credit: Chinese Translation: Sukbar Translation Team /JKSLAND Translation
English Translation: Wen Lee from ECI and Springsuk_USA
Edited by Springsuk_USA


I like to take Risk, I hate to repeat same thing again
At this point, it’s not exaggerating to say it’s like a cowboy riding on a horse in the open land and pluging his flag onto the greens. As a No.1 Hallyu star, he is one of the few actor that no one can doubt his abilities. Not just acting, now also as a singer he is venturing into a new area. With his music partner Big Brother, they formed music group Team H, they have completed concert shows in 4 cities in Japan and also China, Thailand, Taiwan.

As of speaking a joke, if he want to surpass Asia Prince, move to being World Prince, then he is preparing quietly and planning step by step. You can see the success of the 20 years since his debut. It’s been 10 years since he shot the drama “Women’s World” (2001) as a child actor and now he’s an adult, in 2003 he challenged acting in a sitcom Nonstop4, in 2006 he became an outstanding mature actor when he played in Huang Jin Yi, later he did movies Happy Life, Itaewon Homicide, Doremifasolasido, Baby & Me, You Are My Pet, & dramas You’re Beautiful, Mary Stayed All Night Out, Love Rain to become Asian sensation.

The secret of Jang Keun Suk who is looking forward to his performance in America is ‘never compromise’. During making Japanese single ‘Let Me Cry’, he persuaded Japanese staff insisted to use Korean music composer, in Japanese programme he yelled out loud and cheered with his arms up ‘I love kimchi soup’! He has a slim figure which thiner than the ladies but with unbelievable endurance
He always looks like he is full of energy but there are times that he is exhausted and feel worn out. At this time, he will choose some healing music which can help him go through the difficult time. Let’s enjoy together some the music he listen, these music bring him the energy and bring feelings.

윤종신 “You’re So Beautiful”

Robbie Williams “Something Stupid” (Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman)

Jamiroquai “Seven Days In Sunny June” (Radio Edit)

Ra.D “My Name is Ra. D”

G.O.D. “Chapter 4”

For this G.O.D. Album, Jang Keun Suk said: The song “Road” in this ablum is truly the song I always listen when I was in my most difficult time. The life of an artist quite often has painful moments. At the time of that, just quietly sitting there, close you eyes and listen to the music. The song is full of philosophy. I will rewind my life and also seeing the future.

The 20ish Hallyu Star has infinite possibilities.
If you listen quietly for these songs which chosen by Jang Keun Suk. You will find he is not like what was described in “Hallyu Trend Report” which was released by Korean Culture Properties Exchange Group, that he is “an successor of Bae Yong Joon.” But he is more of a free soul Jang Keun Suk. After his concerts at overseas, he would went to night club enjoying DJing. This is a passionate enjoy life 20ish young man.

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  1. Our ZikZin Boss…never compromise, working his way to become World Prince.
    Wish you success Prince.
    Stay strong, healthy and happy!

  2. Looking back then when I first saw JKS In Hwang Jini I know and I believe that the young guy I saw that moment will be spread his wings widely in the sky, not in a single moment that I have felt doubts of his skills and ability towards his career. Now every time I see him I had a smile on my face cause I say to myself Wow! he made it! and I never mistaken thinking that he will become Love and Adored by many people all over the world.Though he looks so strong and energetic but still sukkie is a human being that can feel pain, hurt and weak, but I believe that no matter what the future’s bring sukkie will always be the prince of Asia and soon he will conquer to be A king of Asia Go! GO ! Prince Jang Fighting!

  3. I always feel lost on my words when it comes to describe or express my thoughts on this extraordinary multi talented young and adorable artiste who has captured hundreds thousand of his fans aka eels.. Jang Keun Suk. From the first time I saw him acting in Beethoven Virus, followed by several dramas and films later on and first time experienced him for real in his Team H party Thailand last March 23. , his official FB, TongYi cf, and latest news on his 2nd album “Nature Boy” , I must confess I don’t know how I can spend each day without Jang Keun Suk updating, buying related stuffs or discussing about him with my closed eel friends…and most of all , contributing endless support .. this blog name’s : Jangkeunsukforever says it all!!

  4. SpringSuk_USA ….can someone give American supporters a heads-up on his appearance date in Honolulu as well as where to purchase tickets well in advance. I live in South Florida and that entails planning flights Miami/Los Angeles/Honolulu plus hotels. I truly appreciate any advance notice…to ensure my travel plans. Kind regards, JKS’ supporter in Boca Raton, Fl.,

    • I’m sorry Susanne, there is no any formal information about his appearance in Honolulu. We just have to wait. At this point, I don’t think they have fixed date yet. But I bet if there is a date they would announce it immediately and eels all over the world will know soon. Just be patient.

      • I too am a sincere fan of JKS and would like to know when the Hawaii concert will take place. Also, I would have to travel from the U.S.A. and it does require a bit of future planning. There is no one like JKS in the U.S.A. He is a real non-pareil, just incomparable. I am pre-ordering both versions of “Nature Boy” and look forward to enjoying them so much. Though mostly he sings in Japanese, I am redoubling my efforts studying Korean, if only to undertand him when he speaks Korean. The writing is going to take a bit longer.

  5. One thing for sure…our prince does it his way or no way…

    I love everyone of his dreams and am very happy to follow our Nature Boy flying in the sky…higher and higher..
    Makes me appreciate him evenmore for it’s not easy to be unwavering in that industry and as he said..don’t like to repeat himself..and not just take advantage of his fame to do the same things over and over again for the sake of money and keeping his popularity
    Surprising and refreshing every ZIKZIN time…

  6. SpringSuk_USA …. Many thanks for your quick reply. It’s wonderfull to have someone answer my questions.
    Perhaps, we’ll see you in Hawaii.
    JKS’ American noona,

  7. jks from even in asia you still have to conquer still asian counteries like india srilanka.so you cannot get exhausted still work to be done yet so gather as much energy as possible dear.fighting.

  8. I just wanna say.. at the end of the road.. his dreams will definitely be fulfilled!! because eels will be walking with him along the way, every step.. till he reaches his dreams.. the world is yours!

  9. Really liked this song “Road” by G.O.D., a lot. It has the sort of lyrics I like, and I liked the music as well. It’s a very introspective song & that appeals to me. When I listen to music I really like meaningful lyrics. Even with Korean music, I rush right away to see if lyrics are available once I hear a song I like, to know exactly what’s being said.
    As someone who likes to write (poetry), the lyrics of a song are so very important to me.
    I am glad that Jang Keun Suk likes this type of music, a little introspection, can be a good thing.
    It’s so nice of him to share his “playlist” with his Eels!

  10. Thank you for the nice selection that Geun Jang shares with his eels. I would say “it’s NOT something stupid like I love you. “

  11. Can understand why JKS likes the song, Road. It is a very spiritual song that speaks to all hearts.
    We all struggle to walk the path of life, not knowing for sure if it is the right one or why.
    Though driven to do his best in entertaining, the fame and fortune also comes with complications and consequences.
    Even a celebrity who is loved and supported by his many Eels probably feels alone sometimes too.
    Thank you for sharing yourself and the music that moves you with us.
    I am by your side in my thoughts and prayers for your life’s journey just as if you are one of my sons.

    Seattle, WA

  12. As a fan I would like to know the music my idol listens to. I hope Sukkie will continue to share with us, your EELS your music. Keep up the good work. AJA!

  13. he always shared his thought and preferences..that make us feel close to him..understand him..and love him more and more..hope he never change this..

  14. Awesome songs.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XX!! XX! X!. HE’S GOOD TASTE!!


    1º lyrics Yoon Jong s. – you’re so beautiful, said: “I FELL IN LOVE because it was too easy”…in other part said “I know more people, but I’m impatient for You”…

    2º lyrics Robbie Williams “Something Stupid”, said: “i know i stand in line until you think you have the time to spend an evening with me”…and other part said ” and then i go and spoil it all by saying something stupid, like ‘I LOVE YOU’. i can see it in your eyes that you despise the same old lines you heard the night before. and though it´s just a line to you, for me it´s TRUE, and NEVER SEEMED SO RIGHT BEFORE.

    3º Lyrics Jamiroquai “SEVEN DAYS IN SUNNY JUNE”, said: “You know I’ve wanted you so long. Why do you have to drop that bomb on me?” …in other part said “The way we laughed as one”…then in other part said “Don’t walk away from me, girl”…and then said “I think I love you. Why do you want to drop that bomb?”

    4º Lyrics Ra.D “My Name is Ra. D”, said: “Talk to me without thinking that you know my heart”…in other part said “Get a move on my heart”…then said “I hope you are coming closer”…the said “I do not want to give you even a small burden, but Your eyes are watching me think that I and other”…then said “I’m able to give you everything”…and then said “because I love you”

    ♦♦♦ Finished/ CONCLUTION: He really fell in love “someone (her”, He loves “someone (her)”, I think “someone (her)” loves him but does NOT trust in him therefore it’s ” A UNREQUITED LOVE”. Honestly, He is suffering and having so much PAIN because she does walks away from him.

    —–>>>>>>> I ask myself.. What will happen if she will marry another man???. Hopefully this will not occur, because I wish that He can win her heart. they will be very happy together. good luck guys! ..zikzin guys!!..let’s go guys!!!

    ♦ I will not analyze “G.O.D.” because everyone gave their point of view … and I’m agree with all. ^^

    good day ^^

    from Germany.

    • im not sure if its coincident or what but his posted seems like he trying to told us the consequences..
      1st song..a crush with beautiful girl
      2nd song..trying to get the girl and make confession
      3rd song..got rejected?
      4th song..frustration
      5th song..at last he choose to concentrate with his artist life..and of coz to enjoy his life..

      Malenna..do u understand korea? wow..u sure can analyzed the songs..thanks to u i can understand the lyrics and understand him more..

  15. He spoke his heart with very honest reflections. That make me love him more. Life is a journey and for our Prince he started it so early. As one of his eels, I am very proud of him. Very good taste, nice selection and most of all superb reflections. All the best for what ever you do or your choices in life when it comes to choose. No bad hair days ever. Love XXX OOO (love and kisses and big hugs)


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