[News] Japan relief efforts

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar @ Sina

Besides donating 10 million yen and the charity sale of items on his website, several days ago Jang Keun Suk has also donated 5,000 blankets printed with a motivational message (something similar to Gambateh, Japan) to the disaster areas.

12 thoughts on “[News] Japan relief efforts”

  1. no wonder he always keep survive in ‘this business’ for almost 20 years, (probably) his money always bless and clean it with his charity ..^^

  2. Sukkie forever,,, i know that he is sensitive and thoughtful man.. This is enough to justify that its worth it to be one of his Eels. Go Sukkie… fighting!

  3. geun suk oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    may God bless u in this world and hereafter and show u the right path.

    jang geun suk =)


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