“Marry me Mary” DVD prelude

According to news from DCinside, the above picture was taken on 24 Feb 2011 when Jang Keun Suk left the Codes Combine autograph session to go to KBS 2TV to do some recording and interview for “Marry me Mary” DVD which will be released soon. Moon Geun Young was the first one to reach, followed by JKS and Kim Jae Wook last. The DVD (uncut version) will include all the scenes that were previously edited out of the drama, and all the video clips add up to around 7 hours.

DC上的消息 玛丽DVD采访拍摄那天 也就是张根硕Codes Combine 签名会那天 文瑾莹第一个到采访现场 张根硕第二个 金材昱第三个到. DVD无删版里都加进去 删掉的场面. 附加影像是7个小时左右
グンソクデビューCD、Shopでは「発売中止扱い」になってるようです。少なくともタワレコでは「発売中止扱い」なので予约は自动キャンセルにされてます。「発売中止なのでキャンセルさせていただきました」と胜手にキャンセルされてました(笑)発売日が确定したら予约し直さないとダメですよ~ 군소쿠데뷰 CD, Shop에서는 “발매 중지 처리”가되어있는 것 같습니다. 적어도 타워 레코드에서는 “발매 중지 취급”이므로 예약은 자동 취소되어 있습니다. “발매 중지이므로 취소 드리겠습니다”라고 멋대로 취소되어있었습니다 (웃음) 발매 일이 확정되면 예약 고치지 않으면 안돼요

Credits: DCinside
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7 thoughts on ““Marry me Mary” DVD prelude”

  1. Wow, 7 extra hours of M3!!!! I wanna get the Uncut DVD!!!! Do you know the if, when and how we could possibly get it with English/Mandarin subtitle?

    P.S. Moon Geun Yoong looks so country and cute with that hair style. Keun Suk and Geun Yoong look like the perfect pair, similarly baby face, adorable and sweet.

  2. this will be the second Original DVD i buy after FRIEND-Won Bin hahaaa, so please let us know until DVD release with the information about order and price, thanks friend ^,^

    *Jang Geun Suk always look AWESOME !!!!

  3. I’m still considering whether to get this … … unless JKS is so irresistably sweet in the uncut scenes or behind-the-scenes ….

    the top priority i have now is to buy his 15th year anniversary DVD and photo-book. that one i must get no matter what the cost is!

      • It’s not the same … 15th year anniversary DVD and photo-book is his current project for which he’s shooting in Budapest and London these past 2 weeks.

        i’m not sure about History of JKS, though I read from somewhere it seems to be published by JKS’ previous agent company. need to verify this news though

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