Picture of JKS in Budapest

Credits: momochaaiai @ Suk Baidu Bar

When JKS was in Budapest a few days ago, the uploader’s friend’s friend spotted JKS doing a photo shoot at a cafe. She wasn’t a fan, though she felt that JKS looks quite familiar, so she took a photo of him. Later she recalled that this person was actually Jang Keun Suk.


12 thoughts on “Picture of JKS in Budapest”

      • He looks Asian but with that great skin, fine features, “arty” air and casual, stylish dressing (not to mention height), he just seems to fit in so well with the European feel/persona.

        I’ve been watching American Idol and everytime I see Steve Tyler (one of the current judges), it reminds me of MuGyul of Marry Me Marry, right down to the long wavy hair, kind personality and magnetic CHARISMA. That’s how good and absolutely convincing Keun Suk had portrayed the said character. He’s the best and most adorable personalities around!

      • He’s the best Asian prince… forever….. It sound crazy, but though sometimes he looks girly… I’ll just find excuses for adoring him more… just adore him unconditionally…..

      • haha~ I’ll never admit that he looks girly! i have no problem seeing him as a guy ^^
        * lots of adoration *

      • Yes, with that lovely low voice and ultra male attitude – no one can be more MALE than him. On top of that, he has that EXTRA Sparkle, Charisma, Flamboyance, Versatility, Sensitivity and Warmth!!!

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  2. Some people are really lucky to have a chance encounter with him. I think you would have the most advantage in getting his autograph or even take a picture with him if you happen to meet him in such circumstances just like with other celebrities…

  3. WHY??? WHY??? WHY??? Why am I so unlucky that I just discovered that he was in Budapest in July while he was here in March?! Why am I so unlucky? I just wanted to see him sooo much :'(


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