Further aid for Japanese disaster

All proceeds from the sale of this series of Jang Keun Suk’s picture cards on Japanese Koari website will be donated in aid of Japanese disaster relief efforts. Delivery is only available within Japan.

According to news from various online sources originating from JKS Japanese website, JKS wants to go to the disaster area very much as a volunteer to help out. It seems that JKS forced manager Kim to make a call to his Japanese website company, Frau International, to convey his volunteer wishes. Very taken aback by JKS’ suggestion, Frau International is grateful for JKS’ concern but thinks that it is not feasible as JKS’ presence and popularity may lead to a more chaotic situation, so they will do what they can to stop JKS from volunteering in Japan now.

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@Panda_HK:《日本官網》2011/03/17 東日本震災慈善商品銷售的公告(2) : 在下列的koari 購物網址接受申請http://sinaurl.cn/IDcVIF※全都已包括運費,現時慈善商品只發送在日本國內。

9 thoughts on “Further aid for Japanese disaster”

  1. He really is a kind hearted person. I understand his desire to help & be physically present to personally convey his empathy to his beloved eels as well as the Japanese people but at this time of uncertainties brought about by the threat of nuclear meltdown & fear of escalation of radiation level it is better for him to wait for things to settle down before pursuing his plans. Otherwise eels all over the world will be worried for him. A word of encouragement from him is enough for now to ease a little bit of blue eels worries.

  2. I always believe “Greater power comes with Greater responsibility”, I am gald our idol Jang Keun Suk leads a very good example for us, from initial caring, donation, encouragement and now even volunteer, I am really proud of him.

    However, at this moment, prey, encouragement, or even benefit performance are most needed from him, let’s just prey the good news will be here soon.

  3. I adore Jang Keun Suk more and more for his continues effort to help and encourage people in Japan. But I also think that the best what Jang Keun Suk can deliver to the people in Japan right now is his messages and benefit performances (radio, TV).

    Unfortunately the efforts to resolve problems at the Fukushima nuclear plan are still not successful and it is a real danger to be as bad as Chernobyl. The main people who are needed there are specialists who can help to resolve this problem. Having more people without skills wouldn’t help.
    The best help that we can do now is to send donations to the organizations in charge of evacuation plans, providers of food and warm cloths. I remember Chernobyl disaster days, I was in Moscow (430 miles away) at that time, and was not affected too much, but have friends who lived much closer and I know from them that the best thing to do in this situation is to be calm, organized and stay indoors.
    I would be happy if more people who are within 100 miles (160 kilometers) of the plant on the tsunami-savaged northeastern coast could leave the area. I encourage everybody who have friends there in affected arias of Japan to help organize their travel to other countries, so that less people will be affected by radiation. The levels might not be too high, but the time you spend there also count.
    We are all waiting for Jang Keun Suk performances and they will be needed even more after today’s problems in Japan are resolved.
    He has to promise us to be healthy!

  4. I think while it’s very VERY admirable that he wants to volunteer personally in japan, it may actually pose more danger to himself as well as the rescue work there like Frau Intl said. He must be filled with so much emotions now… Feel for him but I think it’s best that he doesn’t go. For his own health, his parents and eels concern too!

  5. Agreed. Keep posting positive messages with his bright and cheerful face, reminding the people of Japan that JKS (and us) have their well being and recovery constantly in our thoughts and hearts would be just as effective and encouraging.

    Being there physically may just put more stress on their system.

  6. Pity him…. He should be very distracted now… still must post his best handsome face during photo shoots…. should be hard for him…


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