16 thoughts on “[03.04.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. No matter what happens to him,
    I wanna be someone he shows his weakness to…

    Thanks my darling for being honest about yourself.
    I’m always with you : )

  2. I am so much affected knowing that my prince now feeling unwell I think something happened I’m disappoint that I can’t do anything to help him in times of this , all I can do is to pray that every thing will be gonna fine to him my prince Jang put your heart and mind to God cause his the only one who erase all the pain in side and out side of yourself.I know God will always there for you all you have to do is call him and talk to him every thing that burden your heart and surely he will help you out all of that burden 🙂 smile still even you are in a deep trouble hehehe

    • Please don’t worry too much. In my case, I felt lucky that he showed us his weakness honestly. If he couldn’t confess his pain, he would be more sick…
      I can’t hug him directly, but I can virtually ^^

  3. What happened? Private and confidential!

    As a fan, I want to release you to fall in love and be loved. If you want to be in a relationship, do so. I can scream and be happy with your achievements, but not one of your millions of fans can ever replace the love in your heart for that one special girl you want to fall in love with. Love can make you a much better person and your potential will be maximized too.

    I want you to be happy. Be in a relationship if you have fallen in love. I will remain your fan.

  4. It’s good that Prince releases some of his stress through tweets.
    He has no sibling and cannot confide to anyone.
    Being his eels, like a family, I’m glad he expresses some of his feelings, whether sad, happy or just wanna share some thoughts…. to us.
    Feel so special to be his eel cos we gotta know him better and we bond in this manner.
    You are not alone Prince!
    We love you!

  5. Hi my dear ifeel your pain from too distance between us.i pray for you can you feel that? two night befor ,lsaw you cry and speak with me sadly .i tought you should avoid rack music ,take Vitamin B andC.don,t smoke!and drink win!,
    o to temple or church and cry ask God .i ,m worry for you really my dear allof us your fans around the world and i love you honestly.l don,t know you read this notes or not but i am sure God is abvious you ,me and all people ,,,iam waiting for you my green star .♡♡tahere mohammadi nakhjiri from Iran.Tehran .lol♥

  6. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

    relax love, is going to be Full MOON soon.


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