How to register as a Team H/ JKS official Ameba blog reader

NOTICE 1: Even if you’ve already been registered, if you are “非公開” member, it doesn’t mean you are included in the number of reader. Unfortunately the default setting is selected as “非公開” member. To check your membership status, please see the instruction below.
NOTICE 2: I also post a technique to leave comments in non-Japanese below.
NOTICE 3: I recommend you to be アメンバー of no-one, too.

As you know, Jang Keun Suk opened Team H/ JKS official Ameba blog (a.k.a. Ameblo). You can access the blog without any registrations, but if you register as the reader, the number of his blog readers increases. One of the purposes he opened the official blog on Ameblo was he thought it must be useful to draw attention from those who haven’t known them before. So please help to promote the blog with the registration as a Ameblo membership. The instruction is as follows.

(1) Access his official Ameba blog and click “このブログの読者になる(チェック)”. If you’ve already been registered as Ameblo member, please skip to (6).

(2) If you haven’t been registered as Ameblo membership, the web page shows like this. You need to register as the member before becoming the reader of his blog. If you’ve already registered, please log in Ameblo. If you haven’t, please click “アメーバID登録” for the Ameblo membership registration.

(3) Then, type your PC e-mail address and click “確認メールを送信”. You’ll soon receive the confirmation e-mail from Ameblo. Click the link in the e-mail.

(4) Then, please fill in the application form. After that, submit this. Then you’ll become Ameblo member.
* Ameba ID: Ameba blog is originally for blogger. So Ameba ID is used for your blog address. You don’t have to worry this at all if you don’t create your blog on Ameblo. For visitors, it’s a kind of log-in ID. Honestly it’s not important for the register. Ameblo ID must be used only small characters like abcdefg, not allowed to use ABCDEFG. And space isn’t allowed to use. But you can use hyphen ‘-‘ and numbers (12345…) If someone already registered the same Ameblo ID, you can’t use it. But just add number to it, I think it’ll be acceptable. For example, if abcdefg isn’t accepted, but abcdefg1 might be OK.

(5) After becoming Ameblo member, please back to the step (1) and click “このブログの読者になる(チェック)”.

(6) Select “相手に知らせて読者になる”. Unfortunately the default setting is “相手に知らせず読者になる”. It means you’re registered as “非公開” member. If you already registered but didn’t select “相手に知らせて読者になる” or you’re not sure which you chose, please skip to (9), (10) and (11). Then go back to (1). Plus, if you tick “メールでの更新通知を受け取る”, you can receive the blog updates by e-mail.

(7) Type the number and push the button “読者に登録”.

(8) If you see this page, it means you succeeded to register the reader. Then push the button “アメンバーになる!”. If he posts something only for アメンバー, non アメンバー can’t access the post. So it’s better to register as アメンバー, too.

(9) From left top corner, you can access “マイページ(my page).

(10) Select the tab “ブログを書く” and click “読者管理”.

(11) Then you’ll see the list you have already registered as the reader. The image below is a successful result to be a countable member. But if your status is not green but gray, it means “非公開” member. If so, then please delete it and register again. If your status is green, you’re successfully registered as a countable reader.

If you want to leave comments, it must be included some double-byte words. If not, the page says error. But even if you include something double-bytes, still all the comments are checked by the admin of Ameblo. (The admin doesn’t mean JKS, the admin of Ameba blog service itself). I’m not sure yet, but I think only Japanese written comments are approved to post. If it’s correct, it means even there are some double-byte words in comments, most sentence has to be written in Japanese. I’m afraid but it seems true. Because the admin of Ameblo has to check if the contents don’t include inappropriate expressions. I think it is done automatically by computer. Ameba blog is Japanese web service, so the contents including comments must be expected Japanese. So even they are written in Korean, the computer can’t judge if it’s OK. So I think we need to translate comments into Japanese when posting. But I knew an eel who posted her comment in Thai were accepted. So if the comment is not too long with some double-byte words, it’s possible to get through. But still, it’s seems hard for non-Japanese to leave comments. I post some examples using double-byte words. You can copy and paste it when leaving comments. Please try your one comment not too long with some Japanese words or double-byte samples below.
Dear Jang Keun Suk
チャン・グンソク (Jang Keun Suk)
グンちゃん (Keun-chan)
うなぎ (eel)
ECI (Eels Club International)

P.S. I posted “Secrets of leaving comments on Team H/ JKS Ameblo successfully”. Please check it out!

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    • hi,if you can’t translate the blog page in english,you can follow Tenshi’s instruction going by the screen shots above,check carefully…i hope you can register 🙂

  1. I got registered on Ameba (got ID, etc) but when I go to register for the Team H page as Reader it will not let me submit and I have checked and rechecked but can not find any error message…. I will have to wait for him to get around to creating an English site.

  2. Thanks so much tenshi_akuma for your great effort to contribute this instruction! Oh I want to know that Thai eel who has successfullu poted in Thai! hehe.. I’ll try too!! 🙂


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