[weibo] A Touching Message from A Monk Who is Also An Eel_2013022

Credit: 妙华上师
Translated by Springsuk_USA

Note: This message is from a Monk. Many Chinese eels know him from weibo. He is an eel too. He likes JKS, he has been to JKS’s cri show in Shanghai in 2012 and visited Korea with some JKS related places. As many fans of JKS, he doesn’t know JKS personally, but I believe JKS would be proud and happy to know he has an monk eel who respect and like him so much. He likes say some praying and wise messages for JKS sometimes on weibo. This was posted today on his weibo account. I feel is very touching and inspiring. Weibo is like twitter used in China.

Many people on weibo are curious about why I like JKS so much. It caused a variety of questioning, speculation, slander, and defamation, even some of my Buddhism students have left me because they couldn’t understand my adoration to JKS. Until today, I wasn’t shaken by these views that do not understand me. I want to tell eels qingu: to appreciate a person who worth your appreciation, no need any reason. If you love JKS, please respect all the people who love him.

11 thoughts on “[weibo] A Touching Message from A Monk Who is Also An Eel_2013022”

  1. I so agree with him..appreciation of a person or it’s craft must and can be openly showed..why a political figure, a painter but not an actor or singer..
    Sukkie is a good man and totally worth to be openly appreciated…….and I do : )

  2. when I read the message from the monk I did not any doubts that he truly feel that for JKS, we are all know that monks is very respectively person and once they say it they really mean it, well I guess the monk see how JKS is really a good person and he appreciated all the things JKS did, and the monk right that there’s no need for any reason if we like a person, no matter what kind of a person it is as long that in our hearts we truly feel towards that person.Even myself I’m always ask ,for thousands of stars I’ve seen why only JKS caught my attention and close to my heart? I find the answers but I can’t , but now I surely know that once I truly like that person there’s no need for me to find any reason at all, JKS needs to be respect specially in his privacy he needs to be love and cared by us

  3. Sukkie has certain special attributes only his eels who understand him will appreciate beyond his talents.. I’m glad our fellow monk eel has also feel like many eels.. I can also feel the sincerity of 妙华上师 in his words for Sukkie too ^_^

  4. Whether monks or celebrities, they are all human beings. If a person has good character and attributes, it is only natural that he is loved and respected by others.

    It is a shame that some people are just so shallow to the extent of speculating and doubting a monk’s genuine love and respect for a celebrity like JKS.

  5. OMG!!! This article makes me so proud.. Even a monk has respect for our Prince & he still adores him even though his closed one left him!! This is really amazing!! Sukkie deserves it!!

  6. good job you nailed it ill always support him and also the monk too ill support him always too thank you for this it gives me touching with article


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