[22.01.2013] Tree-J staff

While preparing for 20th anniversary dinner show, I reviewed his past interview from the very old one. And I realized again that I have to protect him at any cost…
(text in the image: After all, I think it’s OK to be honest to fans eventually. JKS fuji-tv documertary on Jan. 13th, 2012)

20주년 DS를 준비하면서, 아주 예전 인터뷰부터 차례로 읽어 나갔었다 그리고, 이 아이를 절대로 지키지 않으면- 하고 생각했다

Yes, I admit I’m unwise. If I’m provoked, I become upset. If I feel frustrated, I feel frustrated to death. ㅡ However, our actor always keeps saying, “Look into the distance. Think big. Look straight ahead.”ㅡ I don’t like such a good person is hurt. ㅡ Yes, I am his eel.
(text in the image: ‘Keun-chan’ wasn’t suddenly born one day. I’ve lived with my utmost efforts which I think I don’t lose to anone.)

그래, 나는 모자란 사람 도발하면 흥분하고 억울하면 분해죽겠다 ㅡ 하지만, 우리 배우는 ‘멀리, 크게, 앞을 봐라’라고 언제나 말하고 있다 ㅡ 이 착하고 착한 사람이 다치는 것이 싫은- 그래, 나는 장어다

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  1. Being love by others can make you really happy but also hate by others too is a normal to a human being, however sometimes when you really upset you don’t really know what you have to do but try to remember that everything in this world has a negative and positive side.We don’t expect that all people can be our friends and loyal but as long that you show your respect to every one, true to your self and you don’t do anything wrong I believe that you gonna make it to be love by every one

  2. Jks has been misunderstood, looked down on and unjustly treated when he was young, despite all that he stayed as he is , a bright sunny child, worth our love and devotion

  3. With people like these around him, he is in very good hands and I think he can weather any storm. He has gone through ups and downs in the early years of his career as an actor but he has proven himself time and again – that he can always stand up each time he falls – and because his loyal eels were there to support him. He is such a strong, genuine, and sincere person with a very big heart and love for everyone. With his virtues, principles, and character, he will go far and reach his dreams, so long as he stays his humble self with his feet firmly planted on the ground.

    I will always support JKS no matter what because he is truly worth the respect, admiration, and love.


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