[pics-1] Opening day of shop “Collecte De Zikzin”_20130111

Credit: JKS_lily / Jkskyoko

Springsuk_USA’s Note: Actor Jang, Singer Jang, now one more title for Jang Keun Suk, Entrepreneur Jang!

As news reported before Jang Keun Suk had bought property in Shibuya, Tokyo, a multi-stories business building and he told media at a press conference that he would open his own store one day. Today, his first store in Shibuya, the golden area of Tokyo “Collecte De Zikzin” opened, it seems a trial opening or unofficially opening since there was no official announcement at all. But some eels still heard the rumor and they went to the shops, or maybe some by invitation as special guests. Here are from one eels’ weibo posts about the fist day opening. Building has several floors, seems so far only 1st floor is open.

The store website: http://collectedezikzin.com/index.php?mid=floor

The eels first spotted Jang Keun Suk’s parents and his bodyguard in Tokyo. So we know something is going on.

Ahh, the “Collete De Zikzin” Store!

Here is the address and direction to the store

logo of the store

Store’s complementary hot drink (eels are waiting in line to get in)

inside the store

some merchandises sold in store
Zikzin Necklace, Earrings, Ring

Zikzin Hoodies

P.S And I’m sure there will be a Zikzin Cafe open soon. Who is the “chef”. I wish… kkkkkk

16 thoughts on “[pics-1] Opening day of shop “Collecte De Zikzin”_20130111”

  1. The shop opened at 11am, 11th day of the 1st month of 2013! He must have chosen this lucky day for the opening. Congratulations Prince! So happy for you!

  2. Oh My God! The many dreams that Sukkie achieved for 2013 are too overwhelming. Its another title that he realized at an early age. And the best credit would also be given to his parents who guided and molded him of what he is now, but also manage his income and investments very well. It also reminded me of the early interviews that I have read here about how the three of them ( his mom, dad and suk) worked very hard to make ends meet. I can’t help and cry recalling his early experience as a kid travelling alone to work. All his hard work in everything paid of. And the same way to his parents. Truly God rewards to all the pains this boy had encountered. Sukkie, the more I appreciate, support and love you!

  3. wow so elegant and classy…must have items waahhh so many sukkie things to buy too little money 🙁

    congratulations Prince JKS!!!

  4. woohhh!!!that was I been waiting to hear from my sky JKS, to my sky JKS what you did now is very admirable, you know why? because you starting looking forward for your better future, you made a right decision that’s really great of you. Though you have a lots of opportunities and lots of achievements being a Asia prince now, but do you really think that it will last forever? I really do hope that it will be, but if you looking the other side of you I can say that you must not depend what your life now we both know that we are not sure what the future bring,you must also think what is the best you can do in the future beside’s being a popular star and before everything will come to end you already prepare, doing business is a brilliant decision but you also prepare what the come out of it.I know some of people will dislike being you in business field and many competators around you but I have faith that you really achieve it,and your shop will be a success with the help of your family and your faithful fans out their.Good luck and Congrats to your new path of life I’m very happy and proud being your friend GOD BLESS!!!

  5. If he wants to be a real entrepreneur, he needs to have a target market beyond his fanbase. honestly, i am worried. It seems to be high ended product judging from the interior of his shop but the design of the things sold does not seem to be match it. I hope he can find good professional to help me design his items that goes beyond just having a Letter Z. Hope to see better designs.

    • Min, I believe JKS designed these things. Zikzin is JKS’s brand. He created that. It was from the cheering slogan he created “Jo! Zikzin!” means “Go straightforward!”. It is a encouraging words. Like other cheering words: “Go go go!” “Fighting” etc… but he created this one, is his own brand, that’s JKS, he wants to be ahead of the league but not following. He is a leader. I admire him for that. I love to see him working hard to build his own path since it is so inspiring.

    • Min, on the contrary, I find Sukkie a smart entrepreneur to target his customer base his eels as his eels already form a stable market for his products as many of our eels sisters are going all the way to Korea just to big those Zikzin accessories ^_^ There are different ranges of products actually. I have been to Shibuya just last year and I think the design of his shop on 1st floor is good enough as most Japanese stores are well design and may look classy but the goods sold may not be as expensive as the store looks.. moreover, as most eels (besides Japanese) would definitely visit this store when they visit Japan next time.. I went for the WPS shop in Tokyo the last time with Kaori chan and still looking forward to visit again as each time eels sisters who went show new things from the shop.. including now the phototaking sticker machine and in house cafe which were not there when I was there.. so I really look forward to my next Japan trip with 1 more places to visit besides WPS!

  6. To my dear Keun Suk,

    CONGRATULATIONS on the GRAND OPENING of the Zikzin Shop!!!! I bless your shop, your brand products, will have GREAT success.

    My Prince, keep on trying your very BEST. I will support you in ever things that you do.

    Fighting…. Zikzin!!!!


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