[News] “CRI-J Season 2” has been started to provide overseas shipping

UPDATE: Now the description of “English version” was deleted.

Credits: GAM publishing

Finally the publisher, GAM publishing has started to provide overseas shippings service of “CRI-J Season 2”. When “CRI-J Season 1” started, they provied it for each issue, 4 times a year, shipped separately. But it cost too much, so they changed to ship all 4 issues in one time. Please see the detail of how to order on their website. There is the screen shots of how to fill in the application form.

* NOTRICE: The website says “English version”, but it doesn’t mean the content is written in English. It just means the direction for the order written in English.

Go to the website: ★EMS International Shipping 【CRI-J  season2】 JANG KEUN-SUK “CRI-J” Magazine 1-year Subscription by EMS International Shipping (Credit Card Only, 4 issues for a set) up to 5 sets★

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