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MC at dinner show in Korea is Mr. prhyme. He’s got to know Jang Keun Suk for about 10 years. They’re good friends. You still remember they went camping together.

Today I join #Jang Keun Suk 20th Dinner Show at Jamsil Lotte Hotel. 10 years has passed since I got to know Keun Suk, which makes me feel some nostalgia. I’m trying to make a happy and warm time together! See you later~~~ ^^ #prhyme the MC
오늘 #장근석 20주년 디너쇼 잠실롯데호텔에서 함께합니다. 근석이랑 알게된게 10년이 넘었는데 감회가 새롭네요.모두 함께 즐겁고 따뜻한 시간이 될수있도록 노력중입니다! 우리 곧 만나요~~~ ^^ #prhyme the MC

#Jang keun suk debut 20th anniversary with MC prhyme

#JKS & #prhyme here WE go !

#JKS #prhyme we rock the #eel !
#JKS #prhyme we rock the #장어 !

Thank you all being together! #Jang Keun Suk #eel #zikzin #Tree-J We had a lot of fun! A big success~ ^^ I enjoyed myself all the time. I want to thank you again! #prhyme the MC #jks world prince asia prhyme ^^ kkk
오늘 #장근석 #장어 #zikzin #트리제이 함께한 모두모두 감사하고 즐거웠습니다! 대박이었네요~^^ 모두가 너무 즐거운시간이어서 제가 감사했습니다! #prhyme the MC #jks world prince asia prhyme ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

I understand why all reactions were great and explosive. It’s because #eels have open minds. Thanks to all cheering us today, I’ve got in toguch with the staff and Keun Suk to show my thankufulness. I owe everything to you! Let’s enjoy together next week as well! Busan coming soon! ^^
반응이 너무 폭발적인건 #장어 분들이 그만큼 마음이 열리신분들이기 때문이에요.오늘 응원해주신 모든분들덕에 스텝가족분들과 근석이모두 저와 감사의 연락을 나누고 있어요.모두 여러분들 덕분입니다! 다음주에도 우리 모두 즐겁게 함께해요! 부산커밍순! ^^

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