1 thought on “[10.12.2012] @prhyme79 twitter”

  1. Hello my dear Mr jang keun suk my love .i dont know how ican recive my massages to you?and what should ido that you read and answer me??PLs answer my Emails OPPA.now again i tell you why i send for you these E mails and who am i:iam a girl from Iran .5months ago when i saw you in “you are beautiful”some thing happen in my heart.you come and ifeel you are my lost but i cant beleive that.so one day i went to aholy shrine and prayed God asked him show me1 asign suddenly i found a Green Star near me on carpet .it was my motivation search you on the net up to now .awoman who is pridicter told me you are my destiny and fate for future can you believe that ??if you tell the truth i honesty love you really in bottom of my heart.but i cannot find you .pls read it and answer me OPPA .take care your self and say my Hello to your dear Mom.THANKS


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