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Watching a past interview, I burst out laughing. kkkk- I managed to contain myself to make his 20th anniversary history video as a kind of variety show…-In the 1997 video, Actor Jang talked about his future dream.
예전 인터뷰 영상을 보다가 빵 터졌다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅡ 20주년 히스토리 영상을 예능으로 만들고 싶은걸 간신히 참았네… ㅡ 영상은 1997년, 장래의 꿈을 이야기하는 장배우 ㅡ http://t.co/JyTT4KgF

text translation: tenshi_akuma
JKS: I want to establish the biggest management company in Korea, which comprehensively produces musical or the like in the future. As I am still young, I think it’s acceptable even my dream sounds too big.
Interviewer: Of course. When your dream comes true, I’ll call you President Jang.

tenshi_akuma’s note: the longer version

The earlier video isn’t shot in 1997, but in 2007… after drama “Hwang Jin Yi” in 2006, before movie “Happy Life”… - Below is Keun-chan in 1997.
아까의 영상은 1997년이 아니라 2007년 … 2006년에 황진이를 끝내고 즐거운 인생 확정 전 인듯… ㅡ 1997년의 근짱은 아래 영상 ㅡ http://t.co/QTsezVRL

tenshi_akuma’s note: the longer version

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  1. even at the young age he dream big and worked hard to achieve them,now look where he is now…THE PRINCE OF THE WORLD!!!!
    he is really an inspiration 🙂

    thanks Tenshi..


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