19 thoughts on “[Fan-made] Happy 20th anniversary-jangkeunsuk”

  1. Wooowwww…..beautiful made video!! I love love hearing his voice, talking and singing voice give me double bliss!!!! Jyo~Zikzin!!!!

  2. I love to watch him when I first met him in Hwangjini, Beethoven Virus. Love him in You’re beautiful and the best I love his hair, singing, the way he walk with guitar in Mary, Marry Me. Really enjoy so much. Hope for more dramas next year 2013 and he … winning best actor award…

  3. Dear Eels from this lovely site,
    Missing Sukkie a lot, Why our prince hide this too long time?
    I thought a lot, Is he not feeling well? physical or mental?
    Or is he busy a lot? I miss u Prince and worry a lot.

  4. Really love this MV ^^
    Is it true that our prince scared of needles and needs someone to hold his hand when he gets an injection?? I read it from one fan site

    • whiteyesmile,
      Oh no.. Sukkie is definitely not afraid of needles as I have seen him having injection in a few vids.. I think our little Prince is afraid of cold.. not needles ^_^
      Sharing here a vid on the 1 hour “KBS documentary on JKS – Centre of Hallyu Star” which has clips of Sukkie taking throat & IV injections… he even console eels not to feel sad for him as it is not painful but only sleepy… however.. eels do feel sorry & sad to see this scene as he is too working to make all his eels happy….

  5. WOW!!!Thanks for sharing!
    I really really love this MV!!!
    I miss Sukkie so much
    Why is he hiding so long?
    What’s wrong with him?


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