[Fan-made] Movie “Via lactea”Part2

Credit: pucalovesuk

This is a fan-made fiction movie about our Prince Jang Keun Suk by one of our ECI members.
Editor’s note: If you haven’t watch the first part yet, please go here: http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/18399

Editor’s note: Please read her letter too, this will make you cry, so touching.

Dear Prince,
Explainable – Isn’t it the best word to describe love?
I was born when you had begun your career.Coincidentally, the age of mine is always the same with the number of years you working in your showbiz world. Since my mother left my father because of a blood disease,then my dad married a new wife, I don’t believe in true love.But my heart knew you re the one it looks forwards from the first time. It’s the rare happy time in my life, the smiles you give to the world became a whole world to me.
5 years is a long time enough for people to feel their love boring (I also used to think like that).But you’re like a Pandora’s box, the more I open, The more new things I discover.I wrote 99 letters for you which never be sent
But I found my memory-losing disease became serious, if every night I don’t spend hours reading my old diary, I can’t remember things about you. Perhaps I cant forget you, but I fear that I will forget how I fell in love with you, why I love you.The memories about you is like the crystal broken in my heart day by day.I’m panicked, I want protect it.I lost many friends because I didn’t tell them about my Amnesia but I don’t want to forget you.Never I let it happen! When you love someone,you want to become like that person, so I started making videos for you. Now I’m using it to save all memories of you,I’m trying to finish ‘Vía Láctea’ movie real faster before my memories go away.
I just want to put you in my heart,store you in my mind and keep you in my eyes forever
One day if I forget you…
Please let me fall in love with you again

Today I am sending my 100th letter I wrote for you : ‘Are you watching this now?You know what I want to say’

정말 미안해

28 thoughts on “[Fan-made] Movie “Via lactea”Part2”

  1. Hi Dear,

    After watched your video and editor’s note. I felt that it so amazing if you like Jang Geun Suk. Do you think so ? It’s can’t explanation why you will crazy after like him. But i think that all around in world. Eels are likes that also. Our memories can’t stop to think about him every second. Although we are different language. We still have a unchanged heart with him. I hope we can kept this mermories until to die.

    How’s you recently ? Are you OK now ?

    Maybe you will felt i am so crazy to write a letter to you. I just want you know we are support for each together.

    Thanks for your nice sharing. I am so proud of you.


  2. Khue sis,i’m really touched with the video you made but more on your true to life lovestory you shared…i already told you but i’m telling once again, you’re an amazing person and you became an inspiration to me for being so tough in facing your situation…we love you sis and let it be known that the whole eel family in the pond will always be there to support you..WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU SIS!!!

  3. Sisters…
    This is my first time to leave a comment here, because english is not my mother language , and your love towards Suk re so huge, it’s hard for me to express all my feelings when I read every word of eel-sisters here. Although we are hundreds or thousands of miles far from each others , but our hearts are beating for the same person. It’s hard to promise we will be his fan forever but you talked sense, we can and we want to keep the memories in eelpond to the end of our lives..
    I would be crazy if I read the encouragement words of everyone here, then left without words
    Tonight is probably one (among) my best night. My world shifted from love red color to the pink colors of friendship and hopes
    Ss QQ muimui : I was lucky to get to know you, who always support me in my career of making video, you spread my fanmade vids with your caring as if they’re yours. You are one sister that noone can buy with money, jewels.No need sweet words but your love is so warm that I can feel it
    Ss Maui, maybe my story is not that special but you – the one who readed it- is a girl with merciful heart, you felt sad for me.I think all the old members of the ECI can feel your heart. If you have child or younger sisters, you must be kindness like Mother Mary. I’m jealous with my hubby because he always get sweet love from someone like you. He’s too lucky. It is my honor to be your inspiration. But I has found not one, but many inspiration sources tonight too.

    I’ve fallen in love for real, not with Suk, but with this eelpond
    I have personally witnessed the love between people who have never met

    I’ve made this video, the first is to keep my diary, the second is I’ve promised Suk to do it,…the most important thing is I want Suk to see one truth
    I dont need him to know who I am, my love is just a water drop in this pond. But I want him to love his eels as much as I’m loving and admiring them now.
    I’m begging him.

    • I’m beyond words now sis..you’re fan-made videos gave me great joy especially the one’s you shared in the pond ( you know what i mean right? kkk ) 🙂

      i love you sis from the bottom of my heart..please do remember that you have a sister here that you can count on if ever you need someone to talk to..

      *HUGS* *HUGS* *HUGS*

    • Khue sis, I have cried each time watching and thinking of the young lady who created this vid.. and I’m glad to know you as another child warrior in ECI.. many of the young eels I know are really inspiring and I’m glad I have known many of you here and in ECI ^_^

    • Dear Puca,
      Love your vid so so much..Great job again after Part I. Your effort,sincerity and great love for JKS are invaluable..So proud of you.. Keep fighting for what you feel like too.. Agree with most comments here..no better words from me <3

  4. im so scared to watch this! after reading all the above comments.. i dont wanna get too emotional, but i know this is necessary to know whatever i need to know about him. Breathe in hard…. press play!

  5. Sis khue, i hv watched this vid 2times ready. But i just come to know you have Amnesia. How come a person like you are suffering in this world? I m really sorry to know it. Your love for sukkie is so true and amazing. This is the best fan made vid of sukkie i hv ever seen. Thank you very much for urn time n effort, all eels who see this vid will sure thank to you including sukkie. No worry sis, we, eels family/sisters are with you. We’ll help you remember the things you don’t want to forgot. We’ll remember you in our heart forever. Fighting, sis khue, i wish, hope and pray for your recovery.

  6. first of all, are you really losing your memory? :'( :'( :'(
    you are a great wonderful eel…
    your heart is so pure!!!
    and you are talented too.
    and english is not my native language too. i guess, that is the case for most of us. please eels, please don’t hesitate to comment. i really love reading comments.
    eels love is so unique and precious…

  7. My hugs and kisses sis Khue! My officemates are looking at me and maybe they are wondering why I’m crying while reading all your comments here. I want to thank you for this awesome video and for your love to Sukkie and his eels. From now on, I will include you sis in my prayers and remember that we’re here for you. ♥♥♥

  8. Awwww…….Thanks million to sis Khue, for sharing your heart warming, inspirational, and touched painful personal story. Thank you for creating the most treasure informative wonderful video of our PRINCE.

    Honestly, I don’t know how many times I cried this past week…..crying crying with gratitude and sincere heart…..and crying because I’m so PROUD seeing what eels would do for a man named JANG KEUN SUK, all because of love!!! I’m crying now while writing this comment here…..aigooooo. T.TTTT….

    Sis Khue, I promise you, as long as I live, I will remember you, a sweetest girl from Vietnam, who made thousands and thousands of people happy with her many beautiful FAN-made videos of JKS.

    I told you before in ECI, I am your FAN because I watch all your videos…. all the times. I feel so honor knowing your as ECI sisterhoods too….which is even better!!

    Sis Khue, I pray and wish with my honest heart for miracle to happen in your life, for you to get great trainings and treatments, so you can be able to keep all your precious sweet memories for long long long time until you are an old lady.

    Sometimes showing raw emotions and feelings with people, with distance friends whom never met before can be sooo uneasy difficult….but I love the fact that EELs, especially ECI members can freely share with each other our own share of troublesome, sad, inspiration, and sweetest happy memory stories, too. Which only show we are matured and trusted friends!!!!! We all can inspire each other, learn from each other, and most importantly lean on each other for comfort and support, not only for our STAR but for each other, too. EELs are amazing awesome fans!!! Truly!!!

  9. I’m crying again Sis Kailey while reading your comments. You always make me cry but it is a tears of joy for being a part of JKS eels. I love you all !

  10. Your letter really makes me cry. So many special persons are here and in ECI, loving Prince. Just now I realized who you are, actually I saw a lot of videos from you. Life is not easy sometimes but we can make it a bit happier with friends. Even if I don’t participate in all discussions, my free time is so limited, but every night before sleep I’m reading sisters posts and comments and this calm me down or bring smile on my face. I love you all.

  11. TO the inspiring young lady, thank you for sharing your great memory savings with all. I agree with you that Prince JKS has the best eels in the world. I say this through experience of being a fan myself through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s and thankfully till the present. I feel blessed to being addicted to JKS and more to this blog/web site.
    Reading the comments, thoughts, views and sharing their feelings to one another in such a respectful way brings joy to my heart while realizing that Prince has brought all eels together as one from all parts of the world and different walks of life. Yes, you have found someone special to love and so it is your true love.
    Reading your letter above, I had to stop a while and get myself together before I posted my thoughts. I cannot accept the fact that Amnesia has a hold on you. I can feel that you have a strong will power and realized you mentioned Mother Mary, from that I can tell that you are a trusting young lady. I am a believer in Miracles and I pray that you would, too. Through all the love, support and prayers from the “Eels’ Pond” and myself Amnesia will not get the better of you. You will be blessed to remember well because you are a special person. I will be keeping you in my prayers everyday and isn’t it a wonderful world right here where we can share one another’s emotions, thoughts and feelings. I will look forward to more of your creations as I’m sure many of your friends are, too. Please believe that every day will be a better day for you, I state this because I can feel it. All of you don’t know me but I feel like I know you all through visiting here everyday. I love and admire you all. God Bless.

    • Anne,honestly most of us don’t know each other personally here but found wonderful friends anyway..it’s really a blessing to have found this blog where we can freely interact with people we really don’t know but sharing one passion and understand each other coz we speak one language called PRINCE JKS 🙂

  12. Dear Puca, you are a super FANtastic eel! Keep up the good work! We will love you & give you our support! Live your life to the fullest and continue to inspire us! Zikzin!

  13. Dear Sis Khue, this is the best and detailed video I have ever seen about our Prince. Thanks very much for sharing this with us. I am sure your 100 love letters should reach Sukkie in the very near future 🙂 Hugs and Kisses <3

  14. Wow, what amazing video you will be fine, for sure you won’t forget him you have ECI sisters to remind you everyday <3 Hugs dear.

  15. Actually my English is very bad. I am really happy to see the unity of our eels. It is really amazing. Even now I can’t understand how can many people from different areas of world can unit for a single person.. But it is true in the case of our Sucky.
    I am really proud by reading the letter of eel-sis. Actually it is really touching. And I think he will also becomes happy by reading this. Now I understand the fact that there are many other people around this world love him more than me.

  16. I just had a chance to watch this fan made video. It is so moving. I can’t imagine how hard it could be for him from his early stage at age 5 up to this moment at age 25.always on the move, always be there with great responsibility. You can’t be sick, bored, or unhappy.

    My affection to jang keun suk will never change. I pray that God takes good care of him. The love from his international eels will keep him away from the evils, the anti-fans, and those that envy his success. May all the angels, the guardians take good care of his health, his stamina. His kindness to other unfortunate people will always be with him and makes him a happy sucessful man forever. I will always be with you if I am still alive and you turn 64!!!

  17. for eels who have not seen this before, this vid created with LOVE… and I do miss our little eel sis from Vietnam each time I see this vid.. this is a 1 hour vid (part 2) recording every single known event of Sukkie from 1987 to 2012 to cerebrate Sukkie’s 20th anniversary last year.. it is the 100th letter sent out after keeping 99th letters to herself…
    Recently when I listen to Nature Boy’s album “Save Me” and “Love Letter”… I will think of Khue sis too..

    • QQ, I have seen both vids…but what about Khue sis? Anything happened to her?
      She was the maker of these vids isn’t it…so wonderfully made. It must have been a hell of a job but you can feel the love she has for Sukkie..and knows and remembers a lot of him otherwise she could not have edited these jewels…Chapeau!!!!

    • Sorry QQ..I read her letter…so sorry for her. I hope Sukkie got to know these videos…such beautiful love letter to Sukkie but also to all of us for we love the same star..I agree totally with her..He’s like a pandora box with so many gifts coming from it. I can only be in awe and be greatfull he want to share it in abundance..

      I wonder how she is now. I hope Khue sis still OK and still have Sukkie in her heart and mind. God Bless

  18. I m teary now reading this letter.. But who is this Eel Sis.. Is she alright now?? I really hope that Suk should have read ur letter.. Right now I don’t get words to describe what is Suk for Eels.. lots of love for u sis. <3<3<3


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