[30.11.2012] jksjapan twitter

Prince has just departed! Everyone, thank you so much \(^o^)/
プリンス出発しました! 皆、本当にありがとう\(^o^)/

Prince arrived in Korea safely! The curtain of CRI SHOW2 over 5 months fell down. Thank you all who are involved (^-^) We are with you…
プリンス韓国に無事帰国! 5ヶ月にわたるCRISHOW 2の幕がおりました。関わって下さった全ての人に感謝(^-^) We are with you …

7 thoughts on “[30.11.2012] jksjapan twitter”

  1. we hope he can continue to smile this way.. because he have eels, rain or shine! such photos of him always give eels an instant boost! he always said that eels give him energy.. i wonder if he knows such tweet to some can give us hope for a normal life of an eel. silence is just too much. hope, he will keep updating…

  2. Coongrats dear prince for the huge success of cri show this year! have a good rest, recharge and keep on fighting! stay healthy, stay happy!

    hope to hear from you soon~!

  3. jang geun suk je t aime tu es ma star preferer tes drama son super super bien je te kif jaimerais te rencontrer ou que tu m envoi un mesage si j ai un mesage de toi je serais folle de joi parce que je t adore beaucoup tu es super beau et drole surtout dans le drama you’re beautifulje t aime i love you merci.


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