3 thoughts on “[30.11.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. My beloved son! <3 You have no idea how happy you made us the last couple of days! If only I can take away all your blues , but then without the tough times we won't appreciate the happy and good times.Take care our dear prince! Our prayers are always and forever with you!

  2. we hope he can continue to smile this way.. because he have eels, rain or shine! such photos of him always give eels an instant boost! he always said that eels give him energy.. i wonder if he knows such tweet to some can give us hope for a normal life of an eel. silence is just too much. hope, he will keep updating…
    *im fainting.. he is looking at us sooooooo close! like telling us, stop turning kabayaki… IM WATCHING YOU!*


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