23 thoughts on “[FA] Diary of Jang Keun Suk Cri Show 2 In Shenzhen_20121027 by ECI Member -1”

  1. Oh,EXCELLENT,i liked so much,you are lucky girl for have all this opportunities of been near him,good job representing the ECI AND JKS FOREVER and yes we are a good and big family.Thanks Eileen and Sukkiefancussa.

  2. Eileen, thank you for sharing your FA/adventure with us!
    I am so happy that you were able to meet up with our other ECI sisters! What a wonderful experience to share!
    Truly I do believe that JKS’ best gift to his eels… is not just himself… but each other. *hugs*

  3. …Wow what a fan beautiful story..Thanks sis for sharing this…I am so glad to hear that the Prince really acknowledged and recognized his international eels.. being a new member of ECI, I felt that i was also with you guys there in shenzhen…i also like the kind of bonding that you shared with one other..great! i hope one day i would also join you guys in one of the Prince concert and unite with you in expressing, cheering and doing great things for him… Congratulations!

    Fellow eels, there are some questions i want to know…so the mom of jks was with her sister? or sister in law at the time?.. ( i hope they enjoyed reading the gift as well..) And..about the statement: “IT IS A LIE.” who do we really have to believe, JKS or the EELS? ..honestly i am dying to know what is really the Truth about this… Thanks…

    • muacks, u will have ur chance soon! he’s world prince, is a matter of time that he will be in your country. thats aunty jang.. not sure though whose sister is it though.

  4. what a wonderful FA..
    thanks Eileen for sharing ur adventures and fun experience in Shenzen..meeting fellow eels and bonding with them is the next best thing after meeting our PRINCE..i for one would also love to meet all of you!

    • same here!; look forward in meeting you and welcome to join us for future international meeting ya? we have so much fun with eels from all over the world..

  5. Nice reading this FA.. Congratulations on your success in passing ECI special gift to JKS through Auntie Jang.. What a chance! Lucky you.. I would be more than happy if JKS himself could acknowledge his receiving this gift by his twitter or other channels!!! 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing with us the whole experience of coming so close to Sukkie.
    I dream of the day when I can really experience the real cri show or seeing him in person….

  7. PrinceSukkie made a game interesting with his loved Eels in shenzhen♥ …the game is guessing answer of one question if it’s “Real or Fake”, just give 2 answers for one question,(one answer always will be “Real” and other “Fake”) here the message of prince sukkie:

    —>>>>> “Jang Keun Suk Messages in Shenzhen Cri Show 2, 2012” said:

    Sukkie (question and first answer): Know why I did not come to Weibo for a long time? because I fall in love!
    Eels: ah ah ah ah!
    Suk: Fake!
    Eels: Real!
    Sukkie (second answer): I went to travel alone without telling the manager to think about my past and plan about my future, so I didn’t bring my cell phone!
    Eels: Fake!
    Sukkie (smile): But I know everything you guys have done for me (the Korean subway adv). Yesterday I had to took the VIP path for a security reason, but so many eels waiting, it is right to visit China.

    I think that first answer is “real” and second answer is “fake”…and you?.

    • Julibeth,
      Agree, The 1st answer is true and the 2nd answer is false.
      Reason he seems to be hinting every now and then that he is falling in love.
      He is afraid his eels is unhappy and do harm to his girl(very protective ha!)
      For 2nd answer, he always had his phone with him LOL

    • HI!..Hi Hi Hi —> Julibeth, JJ and sukasukkie .
      yeah!…honestly I think…:
      ♦ the first answer is “REAL”…100% “SUKKIE IS IN LOVE”…REAL!.♥♥♥
      ♦ the second answer is “FAKE”….because always always always Sukkie had his iPhone whit him.

      thanks for “Jang Geun suk messages in shenzhen “…thanks You.♥

      sukki has his girlfriend ♥..yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!…:)) ♥♥♥♥ jyo zikzin ♥♥♥♥

    • it’s easy 🙂
      1st is —> REAL
      2nd is —> FAlSE.

      thanks for upload his message in shenzhen. really I love love love ptince. I want prince will be very happy with “…♥…”.
      fighting zikzin !!!! you’re the best.

  8. Thanks Eileen for your fantastic FA . I love your sense of adventure in your FA and your exciting activities in Shenzhen. From what I can gather eels all over the world come together and have a similar feeling regarding our JKS. The bonding that JKS always mention is actually realize in the Cri Show and I’m love that feeling of togetherness and closeness even for eels that only meet for the first time. They become automatically close immediately because of this one person that we love.

  9. if the answer of his first question is real, then the second one should be fake cause there no way he didnt bring his phone when he’s in love unless he bring the girl to travel with him..kkk..suk surely know to tease his eels.

    • sukasukkie,
      I like the way you said,”
      no way he didnt bring his phone when he’s in love unless he bring the girl to travel with him “

  10. Aww I loved your fan account this was a wonderful show I’d like to meet all my ECI sisters one day too. And thank you s much for give them the Letters we have written to cheering him up.

  11. Wow Wow!!! Finally, I’m able to read sis Eileen’s FA. I super love it!!!!! Thank you so very much for sharing your Cri Show adventure and experience with us. From your FA, I can feel and experience the same “floating” in the cloud with happiness. Thank you for delivery the gift with heart-felt messages from eels to Sukkie. The Brooklet is so CUTE!!! I sure he will read our little messages some day, then he will know that he gives eels energy and power, as well as eels give him energy and strength to continue working toward his dreams.

  12. The 1st answer is true and the 2nd answer is false.
    Reason he seems to be hinting every now and then that he is falling in love.
    He is afraid his eels is unhappy and do harm to his girl(very protective ha!)
    For 2nd answer, he always had his phone with h.

  13. I hope he is able to find someone that can love him for himself not his fame or money. Realistically that will probably be a fellow actor (I mean actress) or maybe staff member. I am a fan, but I have a special other person too.

    Let’s wish him happiness and continued success as he becomes World Prince! 감사합니다 (kamsahamnida) for inspiring and uniting us (ECI from USA). Note: Please like United World Eels Facebook page!


  14. As I’ve told you before a few times at the ECI pond, Eileen, I love your FA!! I’m so proud of you and your efforts!! I still can’t believe you skipped sleeping just so that you could have this booklet ready the next morning. I hope that Mama Jang and auntie did pass it along to Sukkie. That booklet contains the heartfelt love of so many loyal eels who wanted to give their support to our Prince when he seemed to have needed it the most.

    Your FA is filled with excitement and just like a Kdrama, it had me glued to the screen wanting to know more!! Wanting to get to the end but secretly hoping it wouldn’t actually end!! kekeke

    Oh, how I feel as if I was part of your entourage that weekend!! Thanks to you, and your endless updates during that weekend, a lot of us felt like we too attended the Shenzhen Cri-Show!
    I’m so happy you got to experience all that excitement!! You, lucky eel, you!!! 🙂



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