[30.10.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Who am I? Where am I? ㅡ I arrived in Korea ㅡ
난 누군가 여긴 어딘가 ㅡ 한국도착 ㅡ

No autumn… Today 6 degrees, tomorrow 2 degrees.
가을이 없다… 오늘 6도, 내일 2도.

Jang Keun Suk does his best even at rehearsal! This is our Prince!
장근석 리허설도 공연답게! 그것이 우리 프린스! http://m.media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20121030095122102

Suni~ Long time no see~
순이야~ 올만야~

Jang Keun Suk, Actor Jang, Prince, the person we can believe. Just believe and follow him ㅡ I look with my eyes and believe him. It is my answer! Autumn is here. ㅡ Even if we can’t speak everything out, we understand each other in our heart. I believe so again.
장근석, 장배우, 프린스, 믿음주는 사람, 그냥 믿고 따름됨 ㅡ 내 눈으로 보고 믿고 그것이 답! 가을 돋네요 ㅡ 확 터넣고 말못해도, 우리끼리는 마음으로 알아요라고 또 믿어봄

22 thoughts on “[30.10.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

    • Hi Susan! Maybe one of the reasons he established such kind of harmonious relationship with his staff because he is not only generous to them but he also let them feel as part of his family.

      • … Hi Daryl Lade yeah i think so…marunong mag alaga si Prince ng mga tauhan that’s why…by the way member ka na rin ng ECI? ….

    • Hi Susan! I’m not a member of ECI, because I’m shy…anyway I’m always an EEL by heart, bones and flesh hahahah… and I always love and appreciate the ECI members with all my heart. Seriously, because of the ECI ladies and the people in this blog that i got to know more of Sukkie. And because of this love for Sukkie that my 3 nieces are also contaminated with the same virus.

      • hi Daryl lade, ok prove you being true eel by voting love rain as the popular kdrama (joke, ha ha)…just kidding …i mean you love ‘love rain’ right? i hope your voting he he…and please include your 3 nieces ha ha…

        … pero update mga sis, (maui, daryl, jezreel at sali ka na rin jay marie,) hindi na kulelat ang love rain sa best k drama umakyat na siya sa 4th place, sa best couple naman mukhang mananalo narin sina yoona at jks so please mga sis vote sana tayo sa love rain kunti na lang ang oras …. please mga sis vote!…di ba ang mga pinoy mahilig sa mga telenovela tatak natin yan. please please…

    • …yeah Jezreel, i am quite busy now…checking the blog here from time to time… but i will join this week.. still looking for my best pic (parang meron no, he he) ..yes sis i will.. congrats to maui!!!

      • hi jezreel,thanks for welcoming me at the pond,what’s your name there if i’m allwed to know? 🙂
        sis susan..pali pali join na..it’s really fun in the pond…it’s my first day but i felt like i’m one of them long time ago..

  1. waht’s color is suni?
    before aug, 2011 I do see Suni of “black”.
    after sep, 2011 and actually ..I do see suni of “brown”…
    I don’t know ..what’s color is suni?…nice dog!.
    thanks 😉

  2. Thanks Tenshi!!

    Yes, they are like a happy family and you can see how min expressed all these, is from the bottom of her heart. Even they love lil suni treated as their own pet!! 🙂


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