[11.10.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

I’m wearing a couple ring!!! ….with Mum -_-w
나 커플링 했다!! オレカプルリングやった!!! 。 。 。 。 ….엄마랑.. ….ママと-_-w

Be happy…
@AsiaPrince_JKS 행복해라…

Wow~ very nice~ hahahaha
@AsiaPrince_JKS 와우~ ㅎ 멋있는데~ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

You too… I hope Team H goes well.
“@bigbrothersound: @AsiaPrince_JKS 행복해라…”ㅡ너 역시…Team H잘 되길 응원할게

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  1. oh boy.. it seems you are not yet ready to settle down, my dear Prince… it’s ok at least your mommy is there for you…yeah have that ring with her.. when the right time will come…the right girl will have the ring from your mom…right? enjoy and take your time my dear Prince…God Bless You and your mom!

  2. why shows JGS the ring “Shikshin” and with his mother’s ring together on the same finger? … and at the same time shows on his other hand the ring “Shikshin” on his little finger (as symbol of promise) … that only done when you’re in love and you found to your chosen to love her (pd: but she still has not accepted )…. it is said that the coupling them (rings) together and combine with pinkie finger is a symbol that you have a choice for love her, but she still not accepted …..
    When you wearing a the rings on the right ring finger and other on left ring finger, but on the left ring finger wear a couple ring, it means you love that person overly … (symbol you want to be your wife).
    My name is Magda and I am from Sevilla, I know the significance of the position, order and location of rings on the fingers…
    Certainly say: This guy is in love with someone very special, even though she did not agree to be with him.

    (sorry, for me english, I speake spanish… bye bye shikshin…ooooh!..zikzin jyo.)

    JGS, “…S…” and Eels have a great day.

    • Hi Magda! So that is the meaning of that? I was thinking that he might asking for the approval from his Mom. But I hope if he will find this girl he will keep it from the public eye to avoid scrutiny from the media, and to protect her from some jealous fans.

      • I agree You :)..our prince might asking for the approval from his mother.
        oooh!..our prince is deeply in love for his “girl”
        who is the girl?…mmm…I thnik that is….Y♥♥nA.

      • Maybe… and its not only having a lot of suitors but also very popular hahahhaha… So she is scared to have a scandal and get a lot of antis (joke) LOL. But hopefully they will date secretly.

  3. That is so sweet, the ring with his mom. I wish he could introduce his girlfriend if he has one. I bet his girlfriend might be a very beautiful woman, he has so many girls who are attracted to him, very lucky guy.

  4. That’s suit on you..n of course suit on your mommy too 🙂 Hmm..i wondering who’s gonna be your Big LOVE n have the ring from your mommy..? 🙂 Wish you all the best dearest Prince..ZIKZIN!

  5. oh nice prince, but…I have other translade (my friends known japanese and korean)…they said me that JGS said: “I have a couple’s ring!!!… as my mother….like my mother-_-w”.

    wow! prince has a girlfriend?!..ooh!….I hope he could introduce his girlfriend someday if he has one, now :)….zikzin prince.

  6. Our prince is trying to hint to us bit by bit that he has girlfriend but he might afraid
    of his eels who will be jealous and harm her. So sweet of him!
    Guess who is the GIRL !!!!

    • who is the girl???…Y♥♥na (= “shiskshin”)?” yes or not?! or Yes…..omo. :)…I will be very happy…if our princes is happy whit his girlfriend.

    • who is the girl???…Y♥♥na (= “shiskshin”)?” yes or not?! or Yes…..omo. :)…I will be very happy…if our princes is happy whit his girlfriend.

  7. I saw almost all the tree J staff wearing this ring. am i the one one thinking he is trying to “sell” and promote this ring. it is quite expensive and i don’t think many fans bought it :p

    • oh yes you are right, it could also be the promotion to sell this ring, I thought it was a personal ring, but it is an item to be sold, then probably its promotion.

    • at the beginning, I believed in this hypothesis (promotion of his ring for to have greater sales), but … then I noticed a curious thing. Sukkie’s friend (@bigbrothersound) answered him “be happy” …. omo … then I realized that they are talking about “the love” that should have our Sukkie oppa with his girlfriend.
      :)..our Sukki fell in love..for…for…:) ** ^^ :)…be happy ….oppa Sukki.

      • I think BB refers to the girl that loves Sukkie.
        oppa sukkie, please, someday introduce us at her girlfriend. 🙂 ^^.
        I love JJ and LADE DARYL’S comments.

  8. He hadn’t tweeted since Tuesday, so I think he missed his eels but he didn’t want to show us his handsome face … instead he took a pic of his hand and also Mama Jang’s hand … well, eels feel happy anyway because he did tweet after all kkkk

    • first: I love my oppa JGS, he’s the best idol and I’m a fan so jealous, but…I have to tell you that Yoona is aone of the most bautiful and sexy woman….she has a lot of suitors, also she is the most popular korean star. (accrding polls in korea and international…she is Nº1).
      second: I want that our oppa JGS date whit Yoona, but, I am conscious that it would be almost difficult that they can have a relationship, because she is very famous and her company would not want a scandal loving now, and….our oppa JGS would not want expose her to attack his eels jealous. JGS would want care and protect her (Yoona).
      Yoona would do same thing, she would care JGS of her fanboys jealous.
      I think both must be having very sad moments (because, they’re so far apart , for their business), because they can’t have a normal relationship, although they wish it, but, this is the price of fame.
      :((….I hope that our oppa JGS will can to be happy.

    • hi, Sani, sorry :(.,.but__You’re jealous….why?…remember, our Sukki want not fans jealous. ^^ :).
      also, Yoona is cute, adorable and beautiful, she’s generous, humble, funny, intelligent and friendly.too.
      I think that they will be very beauty and perfect couple together ♥

      nice to meet you!. sani.

      fighting Sukki..always..always..always we support U♥

    • for me. Yoona is so beautiful and charm girl. she is a goddess. I read Yoona works very hard and therefore she has no time for love. Although I read that she has many suitors idols korea and foreign …. now that I remember, I think the actor Lee Min ho likes her too.
      Sani, You must not worry.
      JGS and Yoona are only good friend.
      now…excuseme big Jang Keun Seok …could you introduce me to Yoona, why I love Yoona..she is a beautiful, smart and sexy woman.
      thanks big Jang Keun Seok.
      from England.

      • Hi all,

        I saw the youtube on Yonna with friends at CRI2 show, she is enjoying herself
        like supporting a good friend, but one of JKS fan spotted one of his co star manager is
        also there but SHE is rumor to be at the back stage.
        FYI only
        Korean culture gives away their relationship –
        if the parents are not in agreement it would be very unlikely for a couple to marry

      • my brother fell in love of Yoona, too :)…all boys handsome is fell in love by Yoona….woow!..she is so lucky, but, she is vey very beauty, nice, friendly, talented and humble…and a super star ☺.
        I wish that sukkie and Yoona may be together = real couple. ^^…:)..this is my wish!….
        ….also I read that Sukkie and Yoona were found together in backstage, but Heechul was jealous of this meeting, then heechul preferred to go first (only) and ….leaving Yoona with sukkie…alone together them.
        oooooh..o.O. :O…real couple?.!.

  9. Seems many eels don’t know the ring Prince and his mother are wearing, so I’ll tell you some info.
    As Mindy said above, it’s one of his latest official products named “Zikzin skin ring.” The ring has a lot of profound meanings.
    1) Only 1,000 rings in the world. Very limited. The unique number is engraved inside the ring.
    2) The ring has only one size, Prince’s pinky ring size.
    3) It is designed after the “skin surface” of Prince’s left ring finger. It means “To be always together!”
    4) With the ring, there is chains. So you can wear it as a necklace, too.

    I hesitate to tell you this info because you’re enjoying imagining his ideal girl. But not only about this skin ring, among young generations, the meanings which finger the ring should be put on is getting to lose meanings. Especially about Sukkie, he personally likes wearing rings. But he often changes the fingers of rings. So most of the time, he seems to decide the finger according to the design. Of course, if he has someone special, he will put it on a particular finger.

    P.S. I have Zikzin skin ring. It means I have a couple ring with Prince!!! Sorry, I’m the girl 🙂

      • your third note makes the ring so precious..every ring owner can feel the Prince’s skin..^_^

        3) It is designed after the “skin surface” of Prince’s left ring finger. It means “To be always together!”

    • WOW..that’s awesome sista Tenshi..you’re the lucky Eel..Congrats! Coz u know..for me that’s so hard to get n i think i’m the only one Eel who always left behind 🙁 i envy u sista Tenshi..goodluck for u n for uri Prince..ZikZin! 🙂

    • thanks Tenshi, at least i am a little bit relieve ha ha. basta in love or not, with or without a girlfriend, for me, the prince is not yet ready to settle down….anyway i enjoyed reading your comments Daryl Lade and the rest….thank you so much and to tenshi… though i really appreciate your efforts…. i am jealous ha ha (joke).. no, honestly.. i really really thank you for everything since I started commenting here, including your clarifications and corrections. love you sis and God bless you.

      • Hi Susan! So you are one of the jealous girls? Hahahahhaah… be sure not to get drunk when the moment comes Prince would announce his special someone( joke) LOL!

      • hello Susan 🙂 , I give you a tip
        You has to be ready, because, oppa JGS at any time…he will confess and present to his girlfriend. because, JGS is in love this year. (but…by the moment everything is in secret)

        **** How interesting that the ring name is “zikzin” .. very similar to the word “shikshin” ….lol :)…

    • i’ve been so busy and i’m left out…my head begun swirling when i read the comments and speculate what that ring really means..
      got happy and excited hinting that our PRINCE might already have someone he loves and ready to show the world…
      but then i finally come to your revelations…i don’t know if i’m relieved or disappointed that it’s not true that he have a girlfriend now (coz i badly want him to be happy)

      you’re really one lucky girl…and as everyone say…you deserve it!
      thanks for your endless efforts in making eels all over the world happy with this blog..

    • Tenshi, Thanks a lot! Blame it on Sukkie to have stirred all the wild imaginations hahaahahhahaha…And so you are one of the 1000 girls? You are so lucky. I agree with you the special someone would put it on a particular finger.

      • hi daryl lade, ha ha oo naman super inggit ako kay Tenshi kasi may ring siya. haha. anyway sis alam mo nawindang ako sa comment mo talaga na baka in love na ang prinsipe. kasi di ba kababalita mo lang nun na recently nag asawa na ang ex gf niya at makikita sa mata niya ang kalungkutan? so in love uli siya? anyway sis whatever status the Prince has lets be happy for him. thanks again for sharing. nag eenjoy naman ako dito sa blog. really nice meeting you here. God bless you!

      • but … If, Sukki placed in one of his special finger, You look at the photos of his twitter.
        there is .. the ring is in the annular finger.
        the Human beings only have 5 finger on each hand … the most symbolic are the annular to symbolize your partner….and…the little finger is to symbolize a promise.
        I think that Sukki is in love for someone (Girl) … Sukki did this ring thinking about her, but Sukki decided make commercial this “ring” for use without arousing suspicion from his fans jealous.

        Sukki is an intelligent man, we should not underestimate his intelligence.
        :)….Sukki is in love whit…:):):):):)…this year!!!..omg:)♥

    • perhaps you have one of the 998 rings that are for sale, but …. who have the ring number 1 and 2? ..who have the originals?.. haaa! …. I analize this, prince made ​​this ring to use because this ring is made based in the love feels for her.
      but for anyone to discover the real reason, then, prince commercialized it, for that his fans when will see this ring do not be jealous. The true meaning of this ring just shall know “JGS and his LOVE – GIRLFRIEND”.

      the rest will see it only as a decoration or a special object of our prince. ..mm..just like you.
      but…for someone that delves his words, expressions, facts and pics … then…we can see that he is in love…deeply in love ..this year…ok..this year.
      bleesing for U.

  10. Hi everyone,
    I really had a good laugh reading all the above comments !!
    I love this blog so much n thank U for sharing all the news about Sukkie.

    P.S : Tenshi, ur last sentence is the best,lol. Yes, U deserve to be Sukkie’s girl for all the hardwork U put into this wonderful blog.

  11. he must not fall in love with a specific girl. its ok to fall in love with all his eels. i want to be married ahead of him. he must not marry or even be in a relationship ahead of any of us. i want him to be married in his 50s when all of us have our own family. i’m selfish and self-centred – just like many eels. we’re all jealous too. so Asia Prince, just live with your Mom for the rest of your life, single and alone.

    • ha ha Libby not when he is 50 years old… he needs to produce an heir you know..lol.. his handsomeness and talents will go down to waste if he won’t produce an heir or heiress.. i think he mentioned before that he will make his future daughter, asian princess… anyway Libby nice sharing thoughts with you. God bless you.

  12. I agree with Big Brother and Tensi – “be happy your mother for the rest of your life” – no girlfriends, definitely no wife – not allowed by eels today, tomorrow and the days ahead, but if you go ahead, your Cri-show will be down down down down…Agree Eels? Pinky finger.

  13. sooooo funny to whoever thought it was yoona. why because they share a deep kiss in a scripted drama. let add all the actress he kissed in a drama to list of potential girlfriend. more likely promotion and with 1,000 pieces limited. i mean anything sukkie wear makes money. seriously think about it.

  14. Hi, everyone! What fun. Indeed a happy day. Who else but the Prince himself to create such a fun topic. Susan and Daryl I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Then coming to Magda and significance of rings on specific fingers was very interesting. We learn something everyday, don’t we. Thank you, Magda. While the going is good on all the comments, it starts to get sensitive. Who could be the girl??? Tenshi comes just in time with the true meaning of the rings. My head stopped from spinning. What a beautiful meaning to this special ring. As always, thanks again Tenshi. Lulamz, you said it all. Enjoyed reading and everyone is happy. What a wonderful world!!!

    • Thanks Anne! I’m also very much amused reading all the comments. Sukkie knows what topic that would stir his EELS hahahahah. But as many expert say, an infatuated heart would almost always divulge a secret feeling through little amusing actions. As I was looking at this photo I was reminded in one of his interviews that he wanted to get married early and to become a dad at 33. But being in his status its so hard to date like any other men at his age.

  15. i came in late..everybody said it all…but i enjoyed reading all the comments 🙂

    it’s always great to visit this blog…freshens my day!!!!

  16. i came late too …!
    After knew there are 50 comments on this posting, i really wanna know what happen. While reading i imagined sukkie with yoona, sukki with his doctor, or other girl [whoever the girl our prince choose,i like it, as long as he is happy :)]… But, taraaaaaaa… after Tenshi confirmed, kkkkkk….that was make me laugh loudly…

    Thanks a lot Tenshi.. love to read this blog and also all ells’s comments..!

  17. when i first saw this post, there were only around 25 comments i think..but now, there are 50 comments already..hahaha..eels really have a say when it comes to our Prince’s lovelife..but i hope he will have that one very special girl when the right time comes..

    JKS, your eels are always here supporting you.Zikzin !!! ^_^

  18. Yes I would like him to find a right girl when the time come to support him and make him happy. I always want to see his smile because his smile is special and precious to eels.

    P.S : Tenshi you so lucky……*wink*, but you deserve him.

  19. OK, first I want claim, the following comment are my personal opinion. This is a public blog and people can say their opinion freely.

    I just want to share my point of view regarding some of comments here:

    I have to say, the bond between JKS and his parents, even with his mother alone, is very strong and as people outside might don’t really get it sometime because you are just an outsider. Yes not many star as big as him still live with their parents. But as an eel. I love JKS and I’m happy to see that he has a close relationship with his parents. I want to say to some people here no matter if you’re an eel or you’re only a person who are just interested in JKS and come to visit our blog. First, always welcome and thank you! Please be respectful to him. He deserve to have a life base on his own choice. As a public figure sometimes he can’t reveal some of sensitive part, for example, if he has a girl friend. If he is in a romantic relationship. Because he can’t do it like someone who wrote here:” be happy your mother for the rest of your life” – no girlfriends, definitely no wife – not allowed by eels today, tomorrow and the days ahead, but if you go ahead, your Cri-show will be down down down down…Agree Eels? Pinky finger.” This kind of comment is very irresponsible and selfish. or this one: “he must not fall in love with a specific girl. its ok to fall in love with all his eels. i want to be married ahead of him. he must not marry or even be in a relationship ahead of any of us. i want him to be married in his 50s when all of us have our own family. i’m selfish and self-centred – just like many eels. we’re all jealous too. so Asia Prince, just live with your Mom for the rest of your life, single and alone.” This is childish I would say. I hope you’re just say it as joking.

    JKS is a human and he deserve to have a happy life just like everyone else, not just because he is a star that be loved by thousand of eels then he should be stuck by himself or only with his parents.

    As an eel, I hope he can find his true love in life and have a happy family on his own, he can have kids and his parents would love to spend time with their grandchildren.

    My wish to JKS. I hope him will be in love (or if he is right now, Amean) I hope there is someone special only for him and he is for her too.

    I’m not very good with words. But thank you for reading my comment.

    • I liked your comment, I hope Sukki be happy too (this year, Sukki was so obviously in love, really love has come to him, but owing to he’s an idol he has to save and hide those feelings), … I say that happiness is not only with your parents, you as a human need to love and be loved by someone outside your parents.

      Remember all that SUKKI SAID: ” I AM A HUMAN, TOO” … also he said that lately he was ill, HE SAID: “I HAVE COLD HANDS AND COLD FEET” … with those phrases SUKKI is trying tell You…that Sukkie want to be in love but that can not have it due to misunderstanding of their environment (I think that is by the fans jealous) …and Sukkie only thing remains is to be alone…poor sukkie :(.

      He said: “My feel lonely”…He knows taht he has many fans, but even so …he feel lonely.

      I only ask to all, be realistic, and we always support and appreciate the singer and actor Sukki, but whiout volverne possessive of his life from him. Sukkis need love freely and if he has a girlfriend now, then… I’m happy for him.

      let’s go “love”….

  20. Another thing, please show your respect to other actors or actress. As a fan of JKS, we have favor or unfaovr thoughts about other stars, but please do not bad mouth or attack them. And definitely no need to argue to fight with each other because someone else has different favor than you.

    Let’s be a matured person and bottom line be respectful.

    • sukkiefanncusa : Love your elaborated comments, thank you.
      Do you have a web site where i could buy a ring like this, with a story behind this and all these print-outs kept with the ring would make a meaningful heirloom.

      • Anne,

        Thank you.

        I think WPS shop in Tokyo sell the ring if I’m not mistaken. I don’t know if they are sell it online or not, but the best person you can ask is Tenshi, she got one. 🙂 Lucky girl.

  21. Hi,

    One of my friend told me that one of his
    App. that show something like this picture was
    taken down due to a lot of hate and angry comments
    from his eels and some wants to leave him, so sad
    that’s why he later said he also need love.

    From some reliable source for Korea Culture,
    a red string bracelets were given for the couple to wear
    for a favorable for a marriage match.
    Did anyone see that!!!

  22. So many of you have commented, that it is ok for Sukkie to be in love and that we must accept him for who he is. Really??? If he says now that he has a fiancee or that he has a girlfriend, what will be your real reaction to that? Be honest!

    • Yahhh….my first reaction…I would jump up and down, screaming my head off with happiness…….laughing, smiling and crying….with joy!!!!!

      My 2nd reaction…. repeating my first reaction….LOL

    • Nini, I am 100% honest with you. I will say to him: Congratulations Prince. I’m happy for you! I love to see him be happy and enjoy his own life for real. Whoever is or will be that luckiest girl in the world as his girlfriend, partner or wife, her life wouldn’t be easy for her for dating a star like Jang Keun Suk who has millions fans all over the world.

      As prince himself said: I like to think in the opposite side of me. I do too. I put my feet in their shoes. I feel for him and for her. He deserve to have the best and if she is the one for him, I accept her as the best!!!

    • I will shout for joy, because I want him to be happy, I want him to be loved not only by his family and EELS but also with that special girl who can share his life. It doesn’t matter who that girl would be. The most important thing is she would love him for whatever he is.

    • It would be one of the happiest day for me if he find/has a gf and later on get married. I really would like him to have a happy ending and for him to have a big family so that he don’t have to be lonely anymore.

  23. Admirable young ladies. All of the above from Kailey to Jezreel, in reply to Nini:
    I commend your sincere and respectful thoughts towards a STAR we care about.
    If I hear that kind of news, I would feel the same way as all of you.

  24. I’ve read all the feedback and yes, I agree that Prince has a Princess but afraid of divulging. He could also be using his twitter to show “the Pricess” his newly boh couple ring since ‘they’ could not be in public.

    I’m sure eels will understand and will be happy if he has a girlfriend that he really loves. It’s about time. Go Prince Go!!!!

  25. it’s normal for eels to get jealous right? jealous(more to envy i guess) with the girl..but at the same time happy for him if he have his special one.keun suk ah..if u wanna know what eels will respond to this issue..i think there are only 2..be kabayaki (normal eels) or stay loyal (special eels..u know who).\/.


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