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A fabulous gift from Cri-J to celebrate Prince’s 20th anniversary since his debut, Jang Keun Suk subway! Today the operation of the last subway will be over, not it was already over… Thank you to all Cri-J 3rd exectives for such an awesome gift ^^
데뷔 20주년을 맞은 프린스를 위한 크리제이의 너무나 멋진 선물, 장근석 지하철! 오늘로 종료, 아니 이미 마지막 지하철 종료… 한달동안 이런 멋진 선물 만들어준 우리 크리3기 임원들 고맙습니다^^

When I heard the plan of Jang Keun Suk subway, I was worried if we could make a schedule,,, if it would run without problem,,, but my worries were blown off by the exectives’ efforts~ I really appreciate all of you ^^ Plus, I appreciate Prince and eels who also enjoyed this event together ^^
장근석 지하철을 준비하자고 했을때, 과연 날짜를 맞출 수 있을지,,, 무사히 잘 달릴 수 있을지,,, 그 고민들을 다 날려버리게해준 임원들의 노고~ 진짜루 감사해요^^ 같이 즐겨준 프린스와 장어분에게도 감사^^

The president who led us well, the vice-president who led to plan subway meet-up, the person in charge of general affairs who updated the timetable every day, the team leader of making amusing parody photos, the team leader of Japanese eels’ subway meet-up, and finally Tea Jang Team Leader who made such an awesome subway! Thanks all for your hard work. I was very happy ^^
앞에서 잘 이끌어준 회장님, 지하철 번개를 이끌어준 부회장님, 매일 시간표 올려준 총무님, 재미난 패러디 포토 팀장님, 일본우나기들 지하철 모니터 일팀장님, 마지막으로 이렇게 예쁜 지하철 만들어준 디쟌 팀장님! 수고하셨습니다. 행복했습니다^^

Hearing the news that Jang Keun Suk subway would run, Price was moved by eels… and said he wanted to get on it as soon as possible! And he really went for a ride T_T I was also moved by such Prince T_T
장근석 지하철이 달린다는 소식을 듣고, 장어들에게 감동받았다며… 바로 타보고 싶다고 했던 프린스! 정말로 지하철을 타러 갈줄은 ㅠㅠ 그런 프린스에게 저또한 감동 ㅠㅠ

Jang Keun Suk subway ran very well for one month! Looking back on Jang Keun Suk subway with Prince’s behind-the-scenes picture series of his getting on the subway… First, Prince disguised himself to get on the subway! Here’s the authentication shot for eels!
한달동안 열심히 달렸던 장근석 지하철! 지하철을 타러가는 프린스의 비하인드 사진시리즈로 장근석 지하철 추억하기… 첫번째, 지하철 타러간다고, 분장하는 프린스! 역시나 장어들을 위한 인증샷!

Before getting on the subway, Prince found his ad, saying “Keun-suk!” and took a picture. kk So cute!
지하철을 타기전, 자신의 광고를 보고는 ” 근석이다! ” 라며 사진을 찍는 프린스 ㅋㅋ 참 귀엽습니다!

The subway station Prince was getting on the subway is Wangsimni station! He trid not to bother regular passengers as much as possible, so he chose the daytime! That’s why we went to such an empty subway station.
프린스와 타러 간 지하철역은 왕십리역! 최대한 일반인에게 피해주지 않으려, 낮시간을 이용! 이렇게 텅~ 빈 지하철역으로 우리는 그렇게 갔답니다.

The subway station seems empty, but Prince went there to get on Jang Keun Suk subway, which makes me so touched,,, these two men are walking very fast…
텅빈 지하철역으로 보이지만, 프린스가 타러가는 장근석 지하철이기에, 더욱 감동스러웠던,,, 두 남자의 발빠른 걸음…

On the way to get on Jang Keun Suk subway, Prince is continuousy taking some authentication shots for eels! This is the shot when he was trying to place GM Lee Heung Ro in his V-sign,,,
장근석 지하철 타러가는 길에 장어들에게 보여주려고 계속되는 프린스의 인증샷! 이것은 앞에 이실장님을 브이안에 담았던 그 사진을 찍을때,,,

Now Prince is just about to go down stairs to get on his subway. This person is our adorable Prince!!!
이제 프린스가 진짜, 자신의 지하철을 타러 내려옵니다. 정말 이 사람이 우리 프린스에요!!!

Finally Prince got on the subyway! Are you so happy~?!?!?!!!! You don’t care much about what others think and continue to take pictures! You’re real Asia Prince! kk
드디어 지하철에 프린스 탑승! 그렇게 좋은가요~?!?!?!!!! 남들 시선 의식하지않고, 사진찍는 당신! 진정한 아시아 프린스! ㅋㅋ

Our Prince is in Jang Keun Suk subway made by eels! That’s why he is Prince~ he is called Prince! I’m so touched~ T_T
장어분들이 만들어준 장근석 지하철안에 우리 프린스랍니다! 이래서, 프린스~ 프린스라고 합니다! 감동~ ㅠㅡㅠ

In this way, he gets on the subway. Now it’s time to go back. Who knows that this is Jang Keun Suk by seeing his appearance?… A man who appreciates a gift from eels… This is indeed our Prince. ^^
그렇게 지하철을 타고, 이제는 돌아가는 시간. 이 모습을 보고, 과연 누가 장근석이라고 했을까요?… 장어분들에게 받은 선물을 고마워하는 남자… 그게 바로 우리의 프린스랍니다.^^

Jang Keun Suk subway eels gave him as a present must become more meaningful as Actor Jang Keun Suk himself got on it… Thanks for everything, Prince and eels ^^ The behind-the-scene photos of Jang Keun Suk subway finishes! All of them are good memories ^^
장어분들이 선물해준 장근석 지하철은 배우 장근석이 직접 탑승하므로, 더욱 의미있는 시간으로 남겨질듯… 프린스와 장어분들, 모두모두 감사합니다^^ 장근석 지하철 비하인드 사진 끝! 모두 좋은 추억으로^^

Ah! Lastly this is the wonderful gift about memories of Jang Keun Suk subway from Cri-j! I will support your dreams ^^
앗! 마지막으로 크리제이에서 보내준 지하철 추억 멋진 선물까지! 언제나 당신들의 꿈을 응원합니다^^

In this case, your = eels’ I will support your dreams with Actor Jang!
여기서 당신들은 = 장어분들 장배우와 함께^^ 응원합니다!

It’s raining cats and dogs. T_T I wonder if the sky sheds tears because Jang Keun Suk subway was over. T_T It comes down in sheets. T_T
비 막 쏟아진다 ㅠㅠ 장근석 지하철 마지막이라고, 하늘이 우나봐 ㅠㅠ 폭포처럼 오니 ㅠㅠ

I got caught in the rain.
@minzzangde 그 비 내가 다 맞았소

The rain is tears and holy water. kk Come back with your hair wet. kkk
@cherry2196 그 비는 눈물이고, 성수임ㅋㅋ 언능 젖은 머리로 돌아오셈ㅋㅋㅋ

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  1. Thanks sis Kaori chan.

    I’m a fan of TreeJ’s Angels now. I love reading their tweets and updates about their BOSS!!!

    Time does fly really fast! But good and touched memories still lingering between Sukkie’s and eels’ hearts.

    I’ll support you to the end, my dear JKS!!! Jyo~Jikzin!!!

  2. Loved reading this experience. For some reason I was holding my breath till I was done reading. Touching memories indeed. A story of thoughtful and loving eels with their always observant and appreciating “Prince”. God Bless you all!


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