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A courteous preparation even for us, dance team like a family… TreeJ & Keun Suk. Thank you so much for some money to prepare for Mid Autumn Festival (Chu-seok). Their scale of courtesy is different. kk
안무팀까지 세심하게 챙겨주는 가족같은.. TreeJ & 근석이. 추석 떡갑 너무너무 감사~ 역시 스케일이 달라 ㅋㅋ

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  1. Although Tree J is a family sized company and is not a big company, i can see that he tries his best to treat his staff well. Can read from the staff tweets how much they like him. A mischievous, demanding yet very nice boss.

    Nice to know that even though the dancers ain’t part of tree J, they also get a little money. it is the thoughts that counts

  2. A generous, kind, thoughtful boss.
    Never have I come across any Company/Firm that gives staff or working partners money to spend during moon cake festival. Happy Mid-autumn festival to JKS family, staff & partners and to all JKS’ eels!^_^

  3. ..ha ha I mean the reason why the prince is always blessed is because of his generosity. He is greatly blessed.. Sorry I really need to improve my english grammar here. Its embarrassing. Thank you so much, Tenshi, for accommodating me here. God bless you.

  4. Our Prince is so well blessed and he is not selfish at all..best of all he loves to share @_@
    Princejks is such a darling gentle man 😉 I truely want him to be happy and treat himself well ^_^

  5. Awwww….Love Love LOVE!!! I’m so touched with his generosity. So many reasons why eels love and loyal to him…. this is one of them. He treats people nice!!!!

    I pray many blessings come your way, my prince!!!

  6. truly a PRINCE OF THE WORLD…not only because of his gorgeous looks and outstanding talent but a true prince with so much kindness and generosity…you will always be loved and blessed my PRINCE !


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