[pics] JKS Features in anan Magazine October 03 Issue (Adjusted Photos)

Credit: anan Magazine / BlueinLive (scanned) 邪FLY圆满 (adjusted)

If you want to get full size photos, please click photos itself.
Note: These photos are originally from scanned photos and nicely adjusted by eel. Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “[pics] JKS Features in anan Magazine October 03 Issue (Adjusted Photos)”

  1. Thanks! Those pictures are absolutely wonderful. I especially love the 4th one from the top when he’s looking away slightly with a contemplative look about him, almost as though he is thinking of something private and getting a secret pleasure out of his thoughts. He looks so good in every picture. Funny, my favorite picture his is one of the only ones that doesn’t show his piercing eyes (there is one other). His eyes really are his best feature because they are so beautifully expressive but it really is hard to stare into his eyes for too long without falling in love all over again. I don’t know how Eels that see him in person (I envy, not jealous.. really!) can handle his direct look without completely losing all their wits. It really is my dream to experience any kind of encounter even if only briefly in passing. Anything would do. Even if for just a moment that magic moment I see him in person. My heart races just with the thought to pass him casually in the street or catch a glimpse of him from afar. Oh my.. this is just too much. I want him to be happy and not scared so I will be patient and let fate take a hand. Maybe my dream will come true in April.

  2. A smiling Prince Charming! Captivates eels’ heart & soul!
    Always picture perfect! You’re simply irresistible! Can’t take our eyes off you!^_^

  3. WOW!! Andrea you already said what’s in my mind. I love his expression especially his talking eyes. The eyes really tell a lot of the feeling he wants to project. Love all the pics. 🙂

  4. Thank sis Sarah

    In this issue, Sukkie looks so romantic, sweet beautiful and dreamy sexy. Awww…..my heart is beating beating looking at sweet smile and beautiful face.

  5. oh my…oh my…i just can’t blink my eyes coz im afraid he might disappear…he’s so lovely…ooppss almost fall off my seat…thanks for sharing these pics really really love them 🙂

  6. I love the cover photo “3rd pic from from the last one”..So do I need to have this magazine again after “numero & bazzar”,not to mention that he’s in Berlin doing some photoshoot’ waaah’ money tree where can I find you..


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