[article] 2012-09-03 Movieweek: The Irreplaceable Young Actor – Jang Keun Suk

Credits: Movieweek
Chinese Translation from Korean (original source): 花花
English Translation from Chinese: Wen Lee and Sarah Ye from ECI

Jang Keun Suk – No one can replace his role except him
Is good to live like this?, Love Rain (KBS2), You’re My Pet (2011), Mary Stayed All Night Out (KBS2, 2010), You Are Beautiful (SBS, 2009), The Case of Itaewon Homicide (2009), Beethoven Virus (MBC, 2008), Baby & Me (2008), Doremifasolatido (2008), Hong Gi Dong (KBS2, 2008), Long Wait of 24 Months (2008), Happy Life (2007), Huang Jin Yi(KBS2, 2006), One Missed Final Call (2006), Alien Same (2006), Lovers In Prague (2005), Nonstop4 (MBC, 2003), Owls Museum (KBS2, 2003), Daemong (SBS, 2002), Orange (SBS, 2002), Ten Lucks in My Life (EBS, 2002), Fairy Keommi ( KBS 2001), The Reign of Women (SBS, 2001), An Encounter (SBS, 1999), Hugs (SBS, 1998), Happiness For Sale (HBS, 1997)

Many people were disappointed with You’re My Pet (as YMP here after) or Love Rain.

This is possible but that is criticism of the complete work and it cannot be the criticism of Jang Keun Suk (as JKS here after) himself.

Except JKS, who else in Korea in their 20s can act as In Ho in YMP? In this movie, in order to make his master Ji En (played by Kim Ha Neul) happy, In Ho exhibits all his talent and cuteness. Just like be in a show off your charm competition.

The problem is not on JKS, it is the movie which apart from showing JKS, it didn’t do anything else.
What about Love Rain? In order to show the kind of love in the 1970s, the TV drama really made it as if we’re back to the 1970s but that’s the problem. To act in a role which gives people goose bumps, JKS has done his acting job for the role thoroughly.

As personality, Jang Keun Suk has a big difference with most of Korean actors

Therefore, sometimes it is inadequate to just refer him as an ‘actor’. Usually, actors would act the role rather than themselves in front of the cameras, because that’s how they do acting. But JKS is different, he not only likes to show himself on acting in front of the cameras but also likes to show the real side of him. Switching between the two parts freely is JKS’s specialty.

He’s already an “old” actor with 15 years acting experience. Let’s review the dramas he played: Huang Jin Yi, Beethoven Virus, You’re Beautiful and movie Happy Life, The Case of Itaewon Homicide. He was not limited in certain kind of roles, there were no repeating roles he played and he did good job on playing those roles.

At the same time, in Korean society where modesty is virtue, he is the one and the only one person exists that who has the desire to show to the public of him freely that sometime being capricious and sometime being childish.
He doesn’t pretend to be very manly, pretends to have a lot of thoughts. He just shows what he want and make it happen. Even though under criticisms and controversies he doesn’t mind.
At this point, JKS is walking on a path which no other actor in the country has taken. He said ‘Most male actors in our country are machismo type. I don’t want to be restricted in this. If I open a new way, there must be someone who will follow me?’ This is where his star quality is.
If in the near future, JKS plays a role like In Ho in YMP that no one else can play but him;
if the completeness of the work is guaranteed; his star quality and influence will be explosive.

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  1. Thanks so much, sis sarah for the translation..so love the message of the article, because of its objective point of view.^^

    Jang Keun Suk, indeed, is only Jang Keun Suk. Incomparable. Rare. Unpretentious. Multi-talented. Genuine.

    And although his works were not that recognized by a number of people/body, still, a lot more people see otherwise. I’ve commented many times regarding this and his uniqueness, but still can’t seem to define him. So that’s it. He’s undefinable. One-of-a-kind.

    And his works are precious. Can’t wait for the future projects.^^

  2. Thanks for the Article,
    I am really glad to read this kind of positive article for JKS.
    I wish one day the Korean can see his beautiful heart,their country treasure.
    After You’re my pet and Love Rain, I was thinking a lot cause of ther other stars in their 20’s like Lee Min Ho, Park Yoo Chan,and others…. They got success again and again from their new drama. So I feel sorry for my Prince
    But I thought, Prince said he chose the difficult path and LOOK AT ME ONLY.
    He can act in the role of the trending Drama in Korea like the other actors.
    But like this article , the other actors can’t easily take the roles of Sukkie’s character.This makes me really proud of him.
    I love Suk till now from You’re beautiful not because of this drama.
    The Real JKS is my treasure, your beautiful soul.^^
    Sorry for my long comment ^^

  3. What?!? What do you mean “Love Rain” wasn’t well received. “You’re my Pet”‘ , I can understand but not Love Rain. His acting is superb. He’s like a chameleon. Always transforming himself in character.

  4. Thanks Sarah! I am so happy that the movie industry in Korea confirms his acting ability. In Weibo, Helen洪 (a staff of MS Media in China) mentioned more than once that more and more film industry people in China praise Sukkie for his acting. It will only be a matter of time that he will explode!

  5. yeah right love rain is superb…the story and all especially our prince he’s really a multi-talented actor…the article says it all “JANG KEUN SUK is not only number one but the ONLY ONE”

  6. I liked this article a lot it said the true, he is diferent from the others korean actor, he is unique,no mather what happened to his movies or dramas,in terms of popularity,ratings or gain money he works hard for it and go beyond limits ,so the acting is excellent and everybody can notice that.Thanks girls for tranlating.

  7. as a new fan of prince jang i watched first you’re beautiful then ymp. he was really great in performing as huang tae kyung that when i watched ymp i was shocked that he was able to performed like that. i cannot imagine the transformation from a rich mean boastful song writer band leader acting to a lowly dancer who is willing to be a pet for a shelter who can dance alone with a smile of enjoying what he is doing around the house (i think that the best part of the movie). He is a real actor! As for ‘love rain’, fellow eels, would you agree that it didn’t became that popular in Korea because probably it is bit too much for korean televiewers? In most korean television series that i watched i think love rain has the most hugs and kisses than any of the rest. And i guess Prince Jang was the first to do it. Just sharing my thought. Peace! This is Susan from the Philippines.

    • Hi Susan – you should watch The Case of Itaewon Homicide. To me that was a totally shocking realization of how good an actor our Prince is.

      • Magandang Gabi sa yo, Niamki!( it’s a filipino evening greeting) Yes, thanks i just watched The Case of Iteawon Homicide last month. Indeed, Prince Jang is talented here. he acted well his part with all those suspicious looks and convincing facial expressions. Thank you for confirming. God bless you and good night.

    • Hi Suaan! I’m also a Filipino who really admires the many talent of this guy beyond his looks.When I watched YAB & Itaewon Murder, I’ve realized how talented he was to be able to transform those characters that the JKS persona could not be seen anymore. I disagree that Love Rain is a failure because of the rating game in Korea. For me that was the best acting in a drama that JKS had performed. For sure those who made conclusion about his performance in LR did not even watched the whole 20 episodes of LR.

      • Gandang gabi Daryl Lade,Pinay ka pala ha? Mga ilan na kaya tayong eels sa Pilipinas? he he, anyway thank you very much for confirming what we all know. Prince JKS acted well in Love Rain. After watching several of his tv series and movies, no doubt he deserve an acting award. It is sad that most of his awards that i read on his profile were based on popularity. for me he is a better actor than a singer. Thank you for sharing your thought and nice meeting you here Daryl Lade. Pagpalain ka ng Dios! Paalam hangang sa muli.

    • Hi Susan! Nice meeting you here. I discovered Sukkie when I was still working abroad. I started watching his drama after some common friends kept on bashing him because according to them ” he has the guts to proclaim himself as the Prince of Asia”, and saying more derogatory comments. Out of curiosity I tried to watch YAB really to find out why these friends of mine gave such negative comments. After watching YAB, I came to realize that maybe one of the reasons why they disliked Sukkie is the very fact that he is such a good actor, and they are bit insecured of their idols performance. After watching YAB I watched all his other movies and drama and read all the articles and interview about him. In the end I was so hooked of his talents that when I went home, the whole household was infected with JKS virus. Well I’m confident his performance in Love Rain will be recognized during the award season.

  8. JKS has been creating his own unique path and his hard work is receiving recognition now! You will succeed my Prince. For every step you take, we will be behind you with our support & cheers! Have faith in yourself & all your dreams & wishes will come true!

  9. Well said article!!!! To bring out the best in him and his acting skills.. he needs to express himself freely to fully experience and understand various level of emotions. i hope he can remember this, and continue be a man so true to himself.. Despite all the criticism and eels lectures… “you should” / “you should not”.. he just need to remember this.. being real is what brings the best in him, is something that not many stars are willing to show to others, and this is why he stands out from the rest! we dont need a normal prince, we need an extraordinary prince that shine so brightly from the rest.

    And thanks for the translation wen lee and sarah!!!!! muacks muacks muacks..

  10. Once again he has proven me right for choosing him as my role model!! The only one who can replace him as my role model is he himself!!!

    This guy is like the iPhone – each upgrade is much better and looks better! 😉

  11. yes, indeed……jang keun suk is the best when it comes to talent and everything….i don’t care if they don’t like him….for me, he is such a wonderful person, who is so caring with everybody…..when it comes to acting, you will not think of him as Jang Keun Suk but the character himself….different roles different characters, do you think he is Jang keun suk….no, but the character he presented…..that’;s how good he is as an actor…….A MULTI TALENTED ACTOR, so to speak……thanks you for this good articles….i really like it….MWAAAH!


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