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As I was back from vacation, I was planning to upload my vacation diary on twitter. But there are too many pictures, so I will upload them on my homepage~! Visit the homepage~~~ Join us! Register! Chozer Chozer~~ Kya Kya~~ Title will be – Zikzin list that I’ve never experienced in my life!
휴가다녀와서 휴가다이어리를 트위터에 올릴예정이었으나 사진의 양이 너무 많아 홈페이지에 연재합니다 ~! 홈으로 놀러오삼~~~ 가입가입~~~쵸져쵸져~~ 캬캬 타이틀 ㅡ 일생동안 경험해보지 못했던 직진리스트!

If you want to see my vacation diary ‘Zikzin List’ soon, please push Tree-J staff, Han Ji Min and Frau International’s Matchan to do so… The pictures are no longer in my hand. kk Jyo~~~ zikzin!!!!
휴가다이어리 ‘직진리스트’가 빨리 보고싶은 사람들은 트리제이 한지민 대리와 프라우인터네셔널 맛짱을 쵸지시오..사진은 이미 내 손을 떠났으니 ㅋㅋ 죠~~~직진!!!!

Matchan’s nickname at staff blog is – Hyori. For your reference, it has nothing to do with Singer Hyori..
맛짱 스텝블로그 닉네임 ㅡ 효리 가수 효리님과 아무런 연관성 없음.. 참조바람

I will post a tremendous picture at 8.30pm… Expect a lot… after opening it, it will cause a kind of firestorm.. kk
8시 30 분에 엄청난 사진을 공개하겠음… 많은 기대 바람… 이거 후폭풍 거셀 듯.. ㅋㅋ

Tree-J staff: Well… By the way, uh…, Prince pressures me into uploading as such. kk We’ve decided to upload them little by little. kk I’ll upload the one on Friday…
JKS: You won’t to use CRI SHOW2 on Friday as an excuse -_-

“@minzzangde: @AsiaPrince_JKS 네… 그~ 근데, 저기요… 업데이트를 프린스가 이렇게 압박을 하시다니 ㅋㅋ 조금씩 풀기로 한거 아닌가요 ㅋㅋ 금… 금요일 업뎃으로…”ㅡ금요일에 크리쇼 핑계대고 안올릴거자나-_-

Uh… I will upload at least one picture before leaving Korea. *cough Boss Jang is too perceptive! T_T
@AsiaPrince_JKS 아… 네에~ 출국전에 하나는 올리고 갈께요 쿨럭~ 예리하신 장사장님! ㅠㅡㅠ

The pictures Boss Jang will release today is really shocking. That’s why I’m scared it will be made into the articles T_T Reporters, please write them softly T_T I’m begging you~
장사장님이 오늘 터트리는 사진은 레알 강해서, 기사가 무습크리 ㅠ 기자님들 이쁘게 써주세요 ㅠ 레알 부탁요~

Hello!? I’m Keun-chan’s girlfriend, Keun Gyaru~~
안녕!? 난 근짱 여자친구 근갸르라고 해~~
tenshi_akuma’s note: “Gyaru” is one of the hardest Japanese word to be translated. Gyaru is like a slang, and not officially used. Gyaru is used to describe a kind of girls’ group. They’ve changed the types with the times, but the core image hasn’t changed. They wear heavy makeup and flashy and showy fashion. They love just being fun. For more detail, here is the Wiki and you can see the image from here.

Friend: Who did your makeup? not enough kkk More exaggerated
JKS: What are you talking about!!?? That is truly how to apply makeup for ko-Gyaru! I bouught the goods at discount store “Don Quixote” by myself.

“@Naosnova: 메이크업 누가했어? 이따위로 ㅋㅋㅋ 더 과장되게 해바바 @AsiaPrince_JKS 안녕!? 난 근짱 여자친구 근갸르라고 해~~ pic.twitter.com/p34Ea2R6”ㅡ무슨소리!! 저게바로 고갸르 화장법임! 돈키호테에서 직접구입

You seems like a real center of girls group!! I want to recruit you!! You got picked up a lot?
“@AsiaPrince_JKS: 안녕!? 난 근짱 여자친구 근갸르라고 해~~ pic.twitter.com/HHbetmlS” ㅡ 레알 걸그룹 센터감!! 스카웃 하고 싶음!! 헌팅은 많이 당함?

Shortly, at 9pm, I will show you Keun-Gyaru’s finishing touch..!!

잠시 후 9시에 근갸르의 화룡정점을 보여주겠음..!!

tut.. I was scolded by mother for uploading Gyaru’s picture.. Please refer to my official website to check Kuen-Gyaru’s finishing… (Shibuya 109 fashion building occupied by Keun-Gyaru!!) Finally, Happy birthday, Papa~~~
아씨..갸르 사진 올렸다가 엄마한테 혼났음.. 근갸르쨩의 화룡정점은 홈페이지에서 확인하시길….(근갸르 시부야 마루큐 접수!!) 마지막으로 파파 생신축하~~~

Big Brother (Kurt): Can I beat you?
JKS: Did you fall for me?.. My friend Kurt..

“@bigbrothersound: @AsiaPrince_JKS 까도되냐”ㅡ반햇냐..내 친구 커트야..

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  1. Keun-gyaru.. I want to see her personally… May I..? Lol!
    Witty prince!
    Please share it some in twitter too, don’t just post in homepage T_T

  2. Unfortunately I didn’t apply for membership this year because the timing was not right and the payment method was too complicated. I hope next year they will allow more time to apply & simplify the appliciation/payment process.

    • @Lulam,,unfortunately his official homepage/website “registration period” was finished and closed,wait until next year if you want to become an official member…

      • Pls. Charlottle let me know when will be the registration again..this is the only blog that i follow as of now 🙂
        Btw i want to have that leopard headband that his wearing ;). Love love you sukkie!!! You’r so funny!!! Mwah mwah mwah..goodnight to all of you beautifull eels out there!!!

    • do you have iphone / android? install jks app!! pali pali!
      he posted there!
      the finishing touch of keun-gyaru infront of shibuya 109 building! very pretty ^^

  3. what is this.. his new girlfriend is prettier than me!!!!! he’s so busy with her that he ignored us for weeks!! LOL. im going crazy with his sense of humor. comes to teasing his eels, no one can do a better job than him.. just like what he said recently in a presscon, no one can love eels more than him!! 😉 i appreciate his effort to mingle and tease with us, although some may dislike what he’s posting.. but come on.. dont we love his craziness right from the start? love his craziness, love him like crazy… im trapped and there is no antidote. wahahahahahahahaa…

  4. This is our ECI member none stop discussing about.. hahha.. Sukkie is even more prettier than us.. still lovely and adorable.. But MaMa jang scolded him. Anyway the playful boy is always giving us a shock.

  5. i know its for fun that you wear women’s clothes. sister join us in “who’s the girl”. we welcome you in our “who’s the girl club”…


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