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I want to ask you a sudden question even in the morning ㅡ Basically clothes should be thrown away after buying and wearing it only once? Why are people talking that I am a frugal and saving man after finding that I put on the same clothes twice?? I can’t understand -_-
아침부터 급질문 ㅡ 원래 옷은 한번 한번사면 한번만 입고 버리는거임? 왜 난 두번째입으면 다 나보고 근검절약 어쩌구 얘기하는거임?? 이해불가-_-

Boss Jang’s lunch time with acne injection. Ang What is Jang Gyaru?? I have no idea at all. kkk
장사장의 점심시간 여드름주사와 함께 Ang 장갸르가 뭐임?? 그런거 몰라몰라 ㅋㅋㅋ
tenshi_akuma’s note: The woman next to him is a doctor of skin clinic “AnG”. Sukkie seems to her client. Here is the video Sukkie attended AnG clinic renewal party ^^ Here is the official site, AnGclinic.com

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  1. sad to say my prince in the world that your living in fashion is a must but never last..but dont you mind them for us it does’nt matter what your wearing…WE LOVE YOU JUST THE SAME 🙂 i envy the doctor yes,but im also greatful for her coz he’s taking care of my prince skin thanks

  2. why do he need to spend extravagantly on fashion apparels where his funds can be put into better use like investing in buildings etc…? he is a normal human just like you and me.. doesn’t matter if he dont shave himself / not shower for days / dress like beggar / wearing same clothes (although we will love him without anything on though) etc.. we still love him for who he is.. and being thrifty is good!!;) there is nothing wrong with that.

    i wanna be that doctor!!!! what am i thinking… kkkkk

  3. My twits to him in reply to the clothes issue:

    Twit 1: If we recycle plastic bags, why not recycle clothes?

    Twit 2: Stylish and Trendy are hard-earned titles. You’ve earned them both! Wear whatever you like, whenever you like!

    Twit 3: Can you please wear that holey pink shirt you wore on your way to Taiwan again? I loved the concept and the color looked great in contrast with your tanned skin!

    Twit 4: I don’t remember what I wrote since I twitted back to him like crazy that night! lol!!! I was so happy to have heard from him! My dull life got revitalized!

    AS for his picture with the doctor: He truly looks amazing in suits!!

  4. Never mind those people criticize you for wearing clothes more than once, they are not
    the one spending. Celebrity like you should be adore for this virtue of wise spending.I salute your mom for raising you how to value hard earned money.

  5. ..about that clothes..maybe becoz they want you to give them that clothes after you wearin’ it….seems they doesnt know how to say it..then try it to give it them…:D


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