[article] Jang Keun Suk receives a special 20th debut anniversary present from his fans

Source: Starnews
Credits: en.korea.com

Actor Jang Keun Suk recently received a special present from his fans for his 20th debut anniversary.
On September 10, Jang’s agency, Tree J. Company, said that Jang’s official fan club members prepared a special subway advertisement to celebrate the 20th debut anniversary.
One of the Line No. 5 trains in Seoul has been decorated with pictures of Jang since September 9.
Four different kinds of 258 advertisements were made by the fans so that many people can discover that Jang debuted twenty years ago. The train will run through Seoul for about a month until October 10. It is more meaningful because Jang’s birthday is on September 26.
The fans expressed their feelings through the advertisements. They also quoted a letter that Jang wrote for the fans and read at his Tokyo Dome concert in November of 2011.
Many people are asking the Seoul Metro Rail Transit about the Jang Keun Suk Train to see what time the train will run. People who rode the train are uploading the pictures on several online communities.
In addition, the fans did volunteer work to celebrate the big anniversary. They formed a volunteer work group to do volunteer works constantly.
Jang recently finished holding the ’2012 Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour-The Cri Show 2′ in Taiwan successfully. He will hold more concerts in Osaka on September 14 and 15 and in Nagoya on September 19 and 20.

10 thoughts on “[article] Jang Keun Suk receives a special 20th debut anniversary present from his fans”

  1. Prince, hope you will personally go to take few rides in the train n feel the effort from the fellow eels!
    Maybe can think of a short video clip or a MV inside?

    • Agree with you… but I feel that it would be better that he go for a ride with those fellow eels who did the volunteer works. JKS as an appreciation to go personally with them (not many of them – see from photo above, about twenty plus only) and maybe together with his crews/managers?

  2. amazing!!! now i understand the meaning of his tweet about the empty train (why it makes him feels like crying).. good job eels!!! Happy 20th anniversary, Jang Keun Suk. ZIKZIN!!! ^_^

  3. Well done Korean eels, such a awsome jobs not only for special subway advertisement but also for the volunteer works. Thank you, the best way to celebrate his 20th debut anniversary and his birthday…And that’s how Suk inspire us.. Zikzin ^^

  4. He adores his country and not too long ago, he was feeling a bit sad seeing how he wasn’t getting all the support he would have wished from his own people but after this awesome gesture of love from his Korean Eels, I believe that his “Made in Korea” pride has been reassured!

    Of course he felt like crying! I’m actually surprised he didn’t! Had anyone else in the tundra done this, he would have loved it but the fact that it came from his Korean Eels, I think made him even dizzy!

    Thank you Korean Eels for loving and cherishing Sukkie!

    Sukkie, you deserve the world! I’m very happy for you! xoxo


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