6 thoughts on “[Schedule] JKS autograph session at Codes Combine, Busan”

  1. I wish to meet him..
    I know will. Thank u god fr makin me meet him(in advance)
    And jang keun suk u r so funny.. Nd give me happiness.. God will bless u.. Love lovr love to u.. My life partner shud
    have traits like u.. 🙂 🙂

  2. Oh, how I wish I could attend this event! I love that vest he’s wearing on the picture. I tried looking it up on the Codes Combined website but I don’t think the brand is available for sale here in the U.S.? The page opens up kind of weird and then it freezes. Oh well! Regardless, JKS looks amazing in all black, doesn’t he? So manly!

    August 25th is also the opening night for the live action movie of the anime/manga “Ruroni Kenshin” (or Samurai X). Oh, man! I really wish I could be in Japan for these two awesome events!! 🙁

  3. …Of course I knew that Busan was in S.Korea not Japan…somehow I was under the impression that the autograph session was going to take place in Japan. Anyway, I still wish I could be there.


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