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Next goal is to be World Prince

10 years has passed since Drama “Winter Sonata”. His latest drama “Love Rain”draws attention as a new collaborative work between Director Yoon Seok-ho and Scriptwriter Oh Soo-yun (whose masterpiece is “Winter Sonata”). Jang Keun Suk plays the leader actor with “SNSD” Yoona. They shot in Hokkaido, too. The beautiful scenery familiar to Japanese adds spice to their fatal love.

“I’m not sure about 1970s, so I tried to feel the soul of the era, asking Director and watching documentaries in those days.” Through his mature manner of talking, We can feel his another face, a down-to-earth actor quite different from his other face, a pop idol called “Guen-chan”.

He just turned 25 years old, but this year is his 20th anniversary since his debut. “I went to TV station more often than school. I held microphones more often than pens. Once I felt sorry that I didn’t have similar experiences or memories as friends had. However, I have been doing what I want to try instead. That’s why I’ve never regretted it”.

Every morning he talk himself in the mirror, checking his condition and make plans. He says, “This 10-second reflection is the most important time in a day”.

“I became Asia Prince. Next, I want to be World Prince” … He said so with his face set.

Q: How do you release your stress?
A: Traveling. Especially I love to travel without any plans or preparation. It’s convenient that China and Japan are not so far from Korea. I have friends living in a lot of countries, so I often visit them.

Q: Where do you definitely go when you’re staying in Japan?
A: Yoshinoya (Beef bowl restaurant) and CoCo-Ichibanya (Curry and rice restaurant). I often go there after staying up late with friends.

Q: What are you into now?
A: (Inclining his head to one side) “So-da-ne~” It’s a joke I made recently.

Q: What do you expect your marriage partner?
A: A career woman. I prefer those who are professional. I prefer cooking together to making her cook and wait for me at home. I think when we leave home in the morning, saying each other “Do hard work today!” sounds very good.


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  1. Thanks Kaori-chan!!

    Short article, but it’s still very insightful of our JKS’ thoughts and goals in life. I like the idea that Sukkie evaluates and reflects on himself everyday in a mirror. This goes to show…this man has a mission in life, every day he will attack it with no regret!!! No wonder, whatever he does during the day, he is truthful to himself and doing things of his own choosing.

    Awww… I super love the last answer. Really wish he would meet with that special woman soon!!!! She would be the luckiest girl in the eels kingdom….

  2. Thank you, Tenshi , did you read my tale and my song in jks weibo{ 11. 8. 2012? it make feel better. In the interview he is so romantic and considered in the last question.

  3. I think that Jang Geun Suk became more popular with his latest drama “Love Rain”, as the latest drama has captured worldwide attention since the beginning of filming, being bought by North America. South America, Europe and all Asia (including Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand .. etc). With his latest drama “LOVE RAIN” really been obtained a fame so incredibly bigger so much so that himself was surprised by his great fame in Europe … also a rise in U.S. and Latin America.
    Now in China had bought more the drama “Love Rain” positioning the country of Korea for the first time after so many years as the second most important country in exportation of the Korean drama. Old days Korea only was carrying positions 34, 27 or 15 or 7 place … BUT..now with “Love Rain” the country of Korea has evolved into one of China as the second bigger exporter…”THANKS LOVE RAIN”.
    “Love Rain” has a great power, because it has to the best director, writer, actor (Jng geun suk), actress (Yoona), acting talents and new staff.
    congratulation prince world Jang Geun Suk.
    JKS, Yoona and Yoonsuk are very proffesional and so populars… they worked very hard for the drama “love Rain” and with its other colleagues actors and the staff.

  4. Tenshi, Thanks for the translation and for posting this article here. I always admired this young man for having no apprehensions in expressing his thoughts, one of the many reasons why I became his fan. And maybe the same reason why many of you here became his eels.

  5. Wow!! Another awesome interview from our amazing prince… Thank you so much as always for the translation, Kaori Chan ^___^

  6. I really hope that he will meet his “dream woman” one day n soon!… i’m very sure she’s gonna b a great partner to him.. All the best Prince~~~


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