10 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS arrives Seoul from Shanghai_20120812 (1)”

  1. Tenshi,did you know about jks interview in Yomiuri news paper this Sunday? Is very interesting,well all his interviews are.Thanks in advance.

  2. Andrea in the new tweets for today he have another portafolio bag,the beige one,he have the green,beige,blue and brown and he gave one to japanese mc and another to his best female friend, Park Shin Hye.I want one two.

  3. I just found this site last month and I am a fan of him since i watched Marry Me Mary. Then I followed his YAB, The Case of Itaewon Homicide, Baby and I, YMPet and his Love Rain. Super OMG!
    Since I have noticed that ‘guy’ been following him, I thought was his bodyguard but somehow his size is not ‘that’ muscular. haha..
    Anyway, thanks for clarifying. JGS is too pretty even with his morning mask on ^^


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