[11.08.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

What… is… this….
이…이게 뭐야….

What….. is this….. 2 the reality of pirated merchandise
这……这是什么呀……2 盗版周边的现实
이…이게뭐야….2 짝퉁굿즈의 현실..

What….. is this….. 3 Don’t buy this kind of thing!!!
这……这是什么呀……3 这种东西不要买!!!
이…이게 뭐야…3 이런거 사지마!!!!!!!

Lifting a ban
tenshi_akuma’s note: I supposed this tweet meant he would restart drinking to celebrate the completion of Shanghai CRI SHOW2. To keep his throat in good condition, he had refrained from drinking (and girls! he said jokingly…) for a while. And seeing his following tweet, my guess was right!

Lifting… a ban (for stop drinking)

2 thoughts on “[11.08.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Well, JKS has come around the issue many creative people had to deal with for years. I know of many stories when images from artists have been copied and reproduced on mugs, bags, t-shirts and other stuff without the artist permission or knowledge. It is good he is speaking up about it. Maybe this action will do some good for many creative people not only for his brand, so more people would buy genuine stuff.

  2. be happy always jang geonsuk,,,were here 4 u,,,im ur avid fan…i start to fall for u in ur drama series YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL,,,and getting worst in MARRY STAYED OUT ALL NIGHT!..till now cannot get over u!!!i took ur video in my phone during ur stage performance that time when u sang a song for MARY!shouted out loud,,MERRY CHRISTMAS SARANGHE! ITS like wow ur so cool!!!!

    wish i could watch u performing in a liveband,..most especially just to see u personally is enough for me to be happy…..its my first time to feel this way,,hope u’l understand…

    i have no vices at all,,i think its only u!!!coz im addicted to u!!!saranghe <3


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