[11.08.2012] JKS Weibo

JKS: Didn’t I say not to cross the centre line, you all are not listening?? If accidents happen, I can’t come to China anymore and this is fine with you too??? ah????
중앙선 넘어서 운전하지 말라그랬는데 너네 참 말 안드는구나? ? 사고나서 다시 중국에 내가 돌아오지 못해도 괜찮아??? 어????

I don’t want my eels to be injured in any accident .. if you don’t pay attention to safety, I can’t come to China anymore.. please pay attention to safety when driving, please… please…
내 장어들이 다치고 사고 나는거 난 원하지 않는다..안전이 바로 잡혀있지않으면 나는 다시 중국에 오지 못해.. 제발 안전운전 제발… 내가 부탁한다…

People who buy pirated merchandise, I don’t admit that you are eels …..
짝뚱굿즈랑 사는 너네는 장어로 인정하지 않겠어……

Hope you like the official merchandise~~ because I designed it~~ feel Jang Keun Suk’s soul~~~ piracy go and die~~~
공식 굿즈 애용바람~~~ 내가 만든거니까~~~ 장근석의 소울을 느껴봐~~~~ 짝퉁은 즐~~~~

Safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety
안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전

Stop coming to the restaurant I’m at. Police keep asking me to go back based on security reasons. Eels, please behave more appropriately. If this keeps on happening, my concert application will not be approved. In future I cannot come to China to perform anymore. Do you know?!
别来我吃饭的地方了。公安一直以安全的理由让我回去 鳗鱼们啊 拜托适当一些吧 要是一直这样的话 我的公演许可是不会被批下来的 以后再也不能来中国演出了 知道吗?!
식당으로 모이지마라..공안이 안전상의 이유로 나 계속돌아가랜다…장어들아..제발 적당히 하자..계속 이런식이면 나 공연허가 안떨어진다.. 앞으로 중국 못오게 된다고..알았어?

Please…. I beg you all to go back …
拜托你们了…求你们 都 回去吧…
부탁한다 제발…다 돌아가라…

No matter who, quickly translate my words… I … possibly in future cannot come to China again….
不管是谁 快点把我说的话 翻译了吧 我…..可能以后再也不能来中国了…..
누구든 빨리 내 말 통역해서 올려라.. 나..다신 중국 못오게 될 수 있다…

Is ShenZhen’s concert to be cancelled…? Please, enough is enough, go back…. please…..
심천공연 취소되는건가….? 적당히 하고 돌아가라.. 제….발….

Not treasuring the chance of seeing (me) for one lifetime. (You all) had to choose to act so wildly and the result is to see (me) for one minute, and then never see (me) again. You all are really very “great”…The sasaeng van driver who looked me in the eye, laughed at me and pointed at me, I’m going to say goodbye to you too. Live well, keep laughing at me!
把一辈子都能看到的都不好好珍惜 随便对待想要看几分钟就扔掉..您实在是太伟大了啊..和我对视嘲笑着对我指点的私生饭 追车的司机也是永远再见吗..好好活吧..一直嘲笑着我..
평생 볼 수 있는걸 아끼지 못하고 함부로대하다 고작 몇 분 보고 버리려하다니..대단하십니다.. 나랑 눈마주치고 비웃으면서 나한테 손가락질하던 사생팬 봉고차 기사도 영원히 안녕인가.. 잘살아라..계속 나 비웃으면서..

Spent a wonderful night with eels on a wonderful stage. The hardworking staff did not get to eat their full before being chased out. Really need to express my thanks to the few sasaeng fans … really speechless… sorry, eels, you all must have gotten a scare. Making you all feel down, feel worried, all because of those few sasaeng fans … understand clearly
和鳗鱼们一起制造了最好的舞台 让辛苦的工作人员们不能吃上一顿饭的个别几个私生饭们谢谢..真是无奈了..对不起啊鳗鱼们..你们肯定很心动的但是让你们搞得心情不好和让你们担心..私生饭都是因为你们.. 要清清楚楚的明白
장어들과 함께 최고의 무대를 만들어 놓고 고생해 준 스텝들과 밥한끼못먹고 쫓겨나게 만들어준 몇몇 사생팬들에게 감사하며…어의가 없군.. 미안하다 장어들아 .. 설레었을텐데 기분 망치고 걱정하게 해서.. 사생팬 너네 때문이야..똑똑히 알아들어

Hope that Jason is safe … sasaeng fans made many people become fools …
제이슨이 무사하길 바랄뿐… 사생아이들 여러사람 바보 만드네…

What am I doing now..
내가 지금 뭐하고 있는 걸까..

40 thoughts on “[11.08.2012] JKS Weibo”

  1. Oh my…. 🙁 It might be inevitable to have such fans when an artist gets popularity, but… still…. I want Sukkie’s fans to respect him. He’s not just an idol. And I’m very grateful that he warns them directly… I hope he won’t warn the same thing in the future….

  2. This girl needs control, I read that in the airport some of them follow Sukkie s mom to the car and the police have to intervine,she is not a public person is his son,please respect tnat,the world is watching and maybe said bad things about the inocent true eels.

    • i agree with sist Esther c, JKS always reminding to his Eels not to grab him or doing something that he doesn’t like coz he’ll do the same to his Eels or his fans..and also we have to respect him n respect what he want from his Eels, i think that’s because JKS love his Eels so much as we did to him..so please..if you love him..just respect him 🙂

    • I totally agree with you.I don’t want saesang fans to annoy JKS.He might get us wrong with those fans.We are his true eels n we respect him and his family.I think you all are the same with me,too.Hope our prince is safe n sound ^^

  3. Oh, thanks God Sukkie is safe in his hotel , he is doing well, he was very mad with this girls, shame on you girls, you put Sukkie and his staff in danger , as i told you earlier most of the people are saying bad things about chinese eels for what happened after the concert, too sad.

  4. What has saddened me most about this incident is that Jang Keun Suk has always placed his trust in his Eels. Has made himself public in order to connect with his fans. Sukkie is different than a lot of celebrities. He shares with us what most keep private. He brings us into his life. He shares with us his activities both public and private. He obviously likes the attention but he’s also appreciative of the fans that support him so he gives a bit of himself by sharing so much. Sadly, those who claim to love him didn’t consider his safety, the safety of his staff, and the safety of their fellow fans. They are selfish and the results may cause Jang Keun Suk to become more private in the future. Can you imagine a world where instead of Sukkie pausing and waving to his fans he just lowers and covers his face and pushes thru and drives away in his car? Instead of his smiles and shuffling he takes private hallways and secured garages to come and go. No more telling his fans when he’s traveling, no more introductions to his favorite restaurants, no more visits to drama/movie sets? I could go on and on. He does it all because he trusts his fans to give him reasonable space.

  5. Andrea,i am agree with you. The police warning him if this girls dont control themselves,he will not allowed to visit China again,its not his fault,but he paid the consecuence , the weibo that he deleted was very frighnig, the poor chinese eels suffer too because I read that he maybe cancel the other concert,Jason is a very good friend,he faced the police alone , when I read about this I think in lady Diana,this incident it could be like that. I wait for the girls for more details.

  6. Your concerts are going well, please take a rest and have fun, I hope your mood better already now..
    I really hope this incident does not recur, and I very sincerely hope our prince in very good condition now

  7. I went to bed last night knowing that the show successfully ended in Shanghai. This morning I woke up to find things got very bad after. My heart broke! Sukkie usually celebrates after a show and show his appreciation to his staff and everyone. Last night, that didn’t happen. Instead, he was forced to stay in his hotel room worrying about Jason and unhappy that his staff didn’t get to have a decent meal. To see that bowl of wonton/giao-xe noodle soup further breaks my heart. Our Prince had to resort to a take-away (take-out) noodle soup for dinner in his hotel room in the early hours of the morning! I bet he didn’t sleep at all last night doing a lot of thinking. I hope things will turn out better today. Gia Yao Sukkie! Hwaiting!

  8. Seems a Chinese media already written article saying Sukkie used foul language last night. I expect more news reports may come out, some may not be fully in Sukkie’s favour. All eels must stay calm, ignore the reports & comments from anti netizens! Hope that Sukkie will return safely to Korea today!

  9. i’m really saddened with what happened. i hoped jks is safe as well as the rest of his
    staff. i hope the fans will act accordingly next time.

  10. Girls last night he and the staff have to wait in the stadium because this girls are waiting outside and dont let them to go out, he write weibos to try to convinced them to go away,but they not pay atention to him,so he write the deleted weibo with only one bad word,they made him angry, he is human too,then they followed his car and other car hit them,i dont know if was them to forced him to stop,the police came and and Jason went with them for interrogations, he have the right to be mad,his life and the life of his staff are in danger,even his mother life,so please understand him and support him, this girls have to be stop,thats what I said the lady Di comment. Sorry girls for not wait for your detail,i am very angry with this.

  11. Oh my!! I am speechless…I hate saesung fans and what they are doing, i love oppa, very much too but I wouldn’t go as far as they doing those things. What could you possibly gain from making oppa so uncomfortable and annoyed?? Just Be Strong JKS. Your REAL fans are everywhere supporting you. Genuine love from Egypt <3

  12. I was very angry when i see his post and know of the situation. All his eels know that he allows them to wait for him in a more calm method and he is always willing to approach fans first.

    But this time they went overboard. These “fans” called every hotel room to find out his room, chase after him ignoring his safety, and i heard they even bump his car and hit his car windows. He was chased out of his restaurant because of these fans, he might not be able to go to China again because they might deny him due to safety issue and Jason was brought to the police station for interrogations. We all know how protective he is towards his staff, it is no wonder he got so mad.

    Now because he got so mad, he has to face negative publicity because of his English weibo message. Those who blame him do not even bother to find out about the situation and is trying to add fuel to the fire by making him sound like the bad person who is mean to his fans.

    I heard he asked HSMedia staff to call some of the key personnel of his fan clubs because he is worried his angry posts will make his real eels worried. He is someone who cares so much for his eels and yet these “fans” keep stalking him and testing his limits.

    I am more worried about the press now. I hope he will not get be hurt when media start reporting the news.

    • Thank you MIndy, for explaining the situation, I could not figure out what happened. Unfortunately, paying more attention to them by addressing them and trying to reason (either negative or positive) would only encourage them. They are seeking attention no matter what. What it might help with – bringing attention to the issue and putting it in public view.

      A couple of thoughts.
      What might help also is shaming them, making sure this behavior is not socially acceptable. A couple of strict privacy laws might help too, making chasing and following any human being in such manner a criminal offense. Maybe outraged normal fans can push for such laws. Also, maybe normal Chinese eels should speak up and publicly show their disapproval of these saesang fans behavior.
      Why is it not appropriate to photograph them in turn and show their faces to the public? That would have worked.

      I think the problem, however, is deeper than one might think. People do tend to succumb to pack and crowd behavior, now even the mechanism is known “pheromones” are not only responsible for love, sex. Pheromones in crowds are not well researched in humans, but in animals pheromones are responsible for all kinds of group behavior. http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Pheromone
      So it would be reasonable to think that these effects are transferable into “human kingdom”. The incidences of crazy crowds are nothing new, think about Beatles or Rolling Stones concerts, what surprises me it that Asian girls are displaying this behavior. Were they not traditionally more conservative and well behaved than their Western counterparts?

      • Lowtide,
        I love reading your post. You are so resourceful person…!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us here.

        As for Sukkie’s China incident, I was literally crying from broken heart, with frustration and worrying about his safety while reading one of the ECI sisters who did the LIVE update on this issue.

        During the beginning of the chasing update, I was thinking…ahhh…. when those crazy fans got tire of chasing, they will leave him alone, especially Sukkie kept pleading them to go home and think of safety first. Then came the bad news…the crazy wild chase resulted in…..Jason went to the police station for questioning, Sukkie involved in car accident, all the staff were hungry and stranded somewhere in the stranger place and city. Everyone was soooo confused, not sure what really going on.

        So literally, I was out of mind, worrying about Sukkie’s safety and feeling so helpless with this crazy situation. I thought the incident that caused Sukkie to “shut down” his tweeter account was the worst news I read…but I was wrong. This China incident is the worst. Plus I have never seem Sukkie got so MAD to the point of using this type of foul language before in my whole eel life.

        P.S. Thanks the mighty lord, the car accident was a minor one…. what’s a relief!!! Being JKS eel is not an easy life. Eel life is like riding a roller-coaster every day. Despite all the craziness, the good and bad news related to Sukkie…..and if I have to choose all over again…..I would still choose to be JKS eel. Because simply love him!!!

  13. hello to my dear brother Mr jang gun suk.I m tahere rom iran that was awful please take care your self dear .I hope you were happy and safe evry where.evry morning I pray for you .I wish one day see you .you make me happy with your smile . Bay Bay my dear green star.

  14. ” Not treasuring the chance of seeing (me) for one lifetime” — If we can just TAKE that CHANCE,,we will never do that to him..You “sasaeng FANS ” are not WORTHY of his LOVE!!

    JKS makes my LIFE complete!! I can’t imagine a DAY without reading updates about him***

  15. Now I know why he posted noodle pic in his weibo.. I’ve got info from @loveemlaugh twitter that “Last night JKS ordered 80 hotel meals for staffs. Due to limited quantity, he gave to staffs, but noodle for himself ”
    OMG… how can we not love this awesome man… He really care about his staffs n eels… He’s the BEST boss n idol I’ve ever known… Makes me love him more n more…..

  16. Because what happend in china! I cannot sleep and eat well 🙁 I just wait for a pic or nes which indicate he is safe and at hotel. After he posted something, I have relaxed a bit. Finally, he is at home at Korea and I am OK.
    I am still very sad. I reaally hate these saseng who made the day horrible for Jang Keun Suk and for us.

  17. Thanks for information you all shared here.. On the night of this incident, I was on board to Incheon and got to read this blog in the morning. I couldn’t figure out what really happened ;just words from JKS twiiter.. But still I went to Caffe Bene at Incheon airport,,ordered my drink while watching his CF ..feeling a bit sad to see his cheerful smile in that CF while actually he might still be upset with what happened after CRI SHOW2 Shanghai..and thise saesang fans!!
    Btw, let me send my support to JKS as ever from DC ^^

  18. Girls ,all of us suffer to much for this incidents, i was very angry, so for calm down i write a tale and a song and i want to share with you, its long, so take your time to read it, had drama, a bit of commedy and accion, when you finish to read, please forget what happened in China, ok. I want that all of you laught and be happy . its like a diary from JKS in Shangai and for answer a question to a girl asked to Tenshi earlier , i know jks team was sad and maybe dont want to talk abou it , but i have to take out this out of my sistem and this help me , i hope that help you too.

    Once upon a time in a kindom far away, Korea, live a singer prince, this handson prince decide to go to Shangai, China to visit his beloved eels{ true fans} , he is going to sing for them. They waited for hour for him in the airport and even extend a red carpet for recived him. He was very happy to see them , when he landed run to the exit door to see them, but security people stop him and said, you dont go to this exit, go to VIP,its for your safety. The prince turn very sad and his lackey Jason said “‘ They have an inyection that the prince needed, it gave him energy for afront his enemies from others kindoms, but the security man said” Sorry, we have to protect you, go to VIPexit, please, prince Sukkie obey his orders with teary eyes, his eels are very sad thinking that was his fault. He thinks with hope ” well i see them in the press conference, it happened, he was very handson with a white suit , he smile, talk, send fly kisses, talk in chinese and fight with one insect that bother him, yes, he won ., then the sexy and hot prince chat with them and answered 63 question of almost 500,000 questions, broking his own record. In all stories are bad people, so the wictches came to stole the show……. continue

    • Esther c., thank you for writing this tale story with humor. I was laughing out loud with the fighting with insect part….and he won….LOLL Definitely precious moment!!

  19. I was only totally busy at work for a week and out of touch with everything. I was really shocked at the stuff that happened in China. Am totally speechless….it’s such a pity that JKS fast rise to fame is causing trouble/danger in some parts of the world. Maybe there needs to be better communication in the news around China to make these saesang fans aware of the damages they’ve done.

  20. Story Tale, part 2: The prince parents, Kind and queen Jang went to China too, but in the airport some of this girls follow them until the car and the security have to intervine too, the concert was near and the sequit{ staff of the prince} went to a restaurant to eat, but this girls again in from of the restaurant, they have to leaved without eat, maybe starved going to the veneu{ poor them}, the concert begins and was awesome{ i dont went there , but i know it because the prince is very professional} , when the concert ends, some of this girls stay outside the stadium waiting for the prince, the staff went to their vans and the prince was inside waiting too, the staff went to the hotel and the kind prince order meals for them, so sweet, but he and the lackey went to a restaurant, this girls followed them taking the peace of him and the others custumers, the prince write weibos beggin them to went to their houses, but they dont pay attention, so the prince get mad and write the deleted weibo{ i read it ,but i dont repeated}.The police came to tell the prince , if this girls dont contol themselves you may not coming to China again, what , very unfair. They have to leaved without eat. this girls followed them again and then other car hit prince car, the police came and take the lackey Jason for interrogations and the prince went to the hotel to eat a simple noodles, when he desrved more for his hard work in the concert, the celebration was sad and bored and the prince back to his kindon, but this time he have the oppertunity to saw the eels and said them good bye, they sang HBD to him. This time the end was happy, but it repeated again this will be fatal.

    The song with the music of the final of Tomorrow.

    This is the story
    Its not his dream
    Girls, please be careful;
    he wants to live.

    This is sad story
    of our prince,
    Please understand him
    He needs to breathe.

    • Thanks Esther for summarizing this event and adding some spice! Reading through your story, I realize again it’s based on a fact, not fiction! Even during a short stay in China, he and his family staff experienced a lot… It’s unbelievable, but unfortunately true.. I like your lyrics with the song “Tomorrow”. I really hope every morning he wakes up happily and every night he goes to sleep happily.


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