[09.08.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

This was taken last year at a meeting after finishing his first arena performance. I’ve tried to reduce the amount of iPhone space… But there are a lot of photos I just can’t delete. Okay, I just can delete music T_T
작년, 첫 아레나 공연을 마치고 회의하던 모습- 아이폰 용량을 줄이려고 애써보지만… 도저히 지울 수 없는 사진들 뿐이다- 그래, 음악을 지우자 ㅠㅁ ㅠ

Who is this?? T_T It cost more than 300 USD~
이건 누구시죠?? ㅜㅠ 300달러 이상 사란다~

Ahe airport in Shanghai, people from Korean to Chinese are now making a fuss over JKS arrival.
상해공항은 지금 장근석 나온다고, 한국사람부터 중국사람까지 난리다

Due to safety issue, Prince went out from the back door~ Well, it was really a big fuss, as all the airport staff were pulled into guard and waiting for him T_T Prince feels sorry for not being able to see Chinese eels… T_T
안전문제로인해, 프린스 뒤로 나갔음요~ 근데, 정말 여기 공항 직원들도 다 나와서 기다리고 난리였음 ㅠ 중국장어들에게 미안해하는 프린스… ㅠ

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  1. Ahhh,the questions and the answers of his live chat,awesome, the suit of the press conferent killing me,i saw it already,but I am not satisfy until I saw in jks forever,why ? Because team jksf are the best.


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