[News] JKS 20th anniversary stamp collection will be released in Japan


In celebration of Jang Keun Suk’s 20th anniversary since his debut, Jang Keun Suk official stamp collection will be released in Japan. There are two versions; “1st history” from childhood to the youth and “2nd history” for the youth to the present. Each price is 3,980 yen. Each set includes 10 stamps, 3 postcards, stickers, 1 envelope, and they are packed in a special folder with a unique serial number. If you buy both, you can get another bonus folder for 2 folders. Besides, lucky 20 winners will get JKS autographed postcard. The pre-order periods start on August 20th and you can apply for them until November 4th. And they will be shipped on or after December 3rd.

For the detail: http://www.postal-jp.com/psc/top.html (This page is only available until at 14:00 on August 19th)
For the order: http://www.shop.jp-network.japanpost.jp/ (The order will be accepted at 9:00 on August 20th)

5 thoughts on “[News] JKS 20th anniversary stamp collection will be released in Japan”

  1. Thanks,Tenshi,please tell me if you know the amount of money in USA dollars and if they have english site,because if I dont understand japanese,how to buy? T

    • Esther, 3,980 yen is around 50 USD. This collection is issued in Japan, and the stamps are, of course, valid to use (I don’t think no one use them). So I suppose this stamp collection is only available to get in Japan. But not sure, because the website for order isn’t open yet.

  2. JA, JA, JA, I i think the same about no use if i get the stamp, well, maybe i will see it through your eyes again if only japanese can buy.

  3. Hi, I know the stamps were sold 9 years ago, but may I ask if any Japanese would be able to help me find out if anyone is re-selling this?


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