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Mother was out for a business trip, so MJ is taking over the task to prepare breakfast today…. Spam…………..and outrageous colored pants…
엄마의 출장으로 오늘 아침담당을 MJ로 대처한다…스팸과………….해괴망칙한색의 바지….

There is something… like breakfast for giants.. I’m overwhelmed..
뭔가…거인들의 아침같은 느낌..부담스러워..

This is the olive that Mother and I like the most!!! In Korea only Dugaheon operated by Hyundai Gallery imports it. As long as there are Spam and this olive, I don’t need any other side dishes!! Above all… every month I get it from Hyung Tae brother….!!
나랑 우리 엄마가 제일 좋아하는 올리브!!! 국내유일 현대갤러리가 운영하는 두가헌에서만 수입하는데 스팸이랑 이것만 있으면 다른 반찬이 필요없음!! 무엇보다…난 형태형에게 한달에 한박스씩 상납받는다…..!!
tenshi_akuma’s note: I suppose Dugaheon is one of his favorite restaurants he recommended before. Here is the website. I found Menguy’s Olives description written in English. Here is the website. But most are written in French. This is the official website. I like olives, so I want to try once!

This is it!!!!!

You said you go on a diet….
다이어트 한다며….

Friend: You’re a perfect advertising model for Spam and boil-in-bag rice. k
JKS: They are produced by different two companies, so I need to contract for ads separately~ I eat Spam and Rice at random~
“@burgersyndrome: @AsiaPrince_JKS 스팸이랑 햇반 광고 모델하면 딱이다. ㅋ”ㅡ둘은 다른 회사니까 따로 계약하는걸로~오뚜기밥과 햇반 랜덤으로 먹음~

Oh..kkkk You do everything and anything beyond my imagination. I become a grilled eel!!!!!!!!
엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 하다하다 별짓들을 다 하는구나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 장어구이!!!!!!!!

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  1. From the table, the only food that we eat for breakfast is spam. I saw a photo of his mother in the Shangai airport , so maybe her business was there and then she go to the concert. I laugh so hard with the photo of the grilled eel, how he did that? answer me please.

  2. the Grilled Prince is from eels, when they jealous that he flirting Becky (japanese singer), so he found out this picture….haha…. (there are more actually)


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