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How many cakes before this..? I don’t remember…
이거 몇번째지..이젠 기억안나…

A bouquet of hydrangeas~~~~ Do they know if I like hydrangeas the best?? I wish my birthday lasted all year long T_T
수국 한다발~~~~내가 수국 제일 좋아한다는거 알고 있었나?? 아..1년 내내 생일이었으면 ㅠㅠ

Anyway, I went to play tennis with my aching neck…… Boooooonnnn =3 My life has changed since I stopped drinking alcohol~~~ Ehera diya~~
어쨋든 안 돌아가는 목아지를 들고 테니스코트로……부우우우우웅 =3 술 끊으니 삶이 바뀌는구나~~~에헤라디여~~

Wh.. what!?? Korea is much hotter than Thailand ㅡㅡ??? After playing tennis for 20 minutes, I felt too hot. Then I sat on a steel bench, I almost burnt myself…
뭐…뭐야 한국이 태국보다 더 더워 ㅡㅡ???테니스 20분치다 더워서 철제 의자에 앉았다가 화상입을 뻔…

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  1. More birthday cake for him I guest he will celebrate his birthday for one whole month. Happy birthday day again dear Prince. I heard it is very hot in Korea but our Prince is the hottest. 🙂

    • YES X 1million! He is the hottest indeed! I’m going to be a pervert and confess that I wish I was one of those little drops of sweat trickling down and caressing every inch of that perfectly tan skin!! What a man!! No other could inspire such indecent thoughts…

  2. Well at least your skin color change a bit after coming from Thailand. Good for you. Enjoy another year till your next birthday. God Bless You, Prince Jang!


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