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  1. Some hater said that he is arrogant, but its not true, in another fan video that i saw in the Thailand airport he was in the checking line waiting like the others ,smiling to the people there and took a photo with one security guard, before that he saw a japanese disigner and recognize her and took a photo with her too. In UMF Korea he took photos with fans girls { i dont think they are eels} too, thanks God that Tenshi dont put it here , because they are very beautiful{ model type} and so close to him that maybe we get jealous like the girls in facebook{ shh, secret me too}kkkk. Well is time to sleep for me, i work tomorrow{nooo, i dont want to back} so since tomorrow my comments will be few, thats the reason i was so nervous today and wrote a lot of comments.

    • Hello Esther! You are so cute on your comments! I’m smiling non-stop when I read them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I too saw those pictures that JKS took with those model-looking chicks and couldn’t help but to feel a tad jealous myself – maybe it’s because we’re not used to seeing him with any girls other than his drama co-stars, huh?
      This is what I told myself: “Hey, he is on his way to world stardom so better get used to the idea that he’ll be closer and closer to more and more hot-looking girls! – it comes with the territory so just be happy for him!” Then I laughed it off! (I wonder what my mom and sister would have thought of me if they’d found me talking to myself out loud!! lol).

      I don’t want to go back to work either! The weekend was so packed with events that time flew by and felt too short!
      I hope you have a good and restful night! Sweet Sukkie dreams!! I also hope that your week gets off to a positive and stress-free start!! xoxo

    • Dear Esther,
      You are very right!!..Lots of proofs already show that he’s a thoughtful and sincere multi- talented actor. About JKS being arrogant ,I just happened to read some negative critics on JKS both on his career and private..(which were rude and intolerable for me) But then, I didn’t feel mad with them but instead, found those comments and thoughts got no effects on me at all.. I will still support JKS and whatever he’ll do in the future..
      Have a good night . Your sleeping time is my working !!:)

      • Hello Lulamz!

        I think JKS has way more fans than anti-fans.

        I am a very busy person and although it might seem that I have lots of time on my hands to search the web and leave comments, I don’t. I purposely make just enough time to search and leave comments on what I’M INTERESTED IN – and that just so happens to be JKS.
        I don’t ever take any of my valuable time to check out articles/websites or leave comments about people I don’t care for.

        Anti-fans and haters willingly waste their time and effort checking out articles and leaving messages for people they don’t like. How smart is that? There is something honestly wrong with those people. Dedicating time that they will never EVER get back just to talk badly about others…it’s sick and very sad.

        But you know? Bad publicity is still publicity nonetheless!! The more haters invest their time in leaving their tactless messages, the more famous JKS gets. In the end, smart people will see the truth about JKS with their own eyes (the truth always reveals itself) just like the many Koreans who saw how awesome Team H performance was at the UMF this weekend. That spoke for itself!!! What anti and what hater can deny the truth about JKS being so talented and cool when it (the truth) is hitting them right in the face? Only someone irrational and willingly blind.

        …I got so carried away…sorry! I’m all pro being positive and even if I don’t like someone, I don’t ever say bad stuff. If I have nothing good to say about someone, I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut (but it’s hard…very hard…when they touch your weak spot – in my case: JKS).

        Arrogant, they said? Imagine JKS smiling and hugging and taking pictures with every person that greeted him at the airports? He’d have to arrive one week prior to his departure time in order to do that!! Besides, imagine the pressure of being a public figure! Always being watched and scrutinized to the smallest detail. From your hairdo and choice of clothing to the brand of toothpaste you use so that your smile doesn’t look dull when you flash it at the camera that is always on you! That has to be hectic and stressful.
        Psst, arrogant? Don’t make me laugh!! I want to see those hateful people walk in JKS’s shoes for 1 week and still keep a cool attitude. I bet anything that the word “arrogant” would disappear from their vocabulary (besides the fact that I don’t think they could handle the pressure of being Sukkie for more that one day…and that’s pushing it!).

        I’ll, like you, bow to support JKS and everything he so chooses to do in the future. I’m glad he’s got you and all the faithful eels – whose comments I love to read – on his side to counter the bad comments people make about him. For every bad comment, there’s at least 10 good ones! I’m so psyched about that!!

        Anyway, now that I got this off my chest, I’m going to sleep! 🙂
        Have a pleasant and productive day at work!

  2. Thanks kley kley and lulamz , I always try to be funny , the life is hard and if you smile even if you have problems you it will be more enjoyable.

  3. It’s good knowing that wherever Sukkie goes, there are always many Eels around to show their love and support, like in the pics above, they even went to the airport to give him a warm send-off ^^


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