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Updated 26 Feb

Colored Rhythms has announced this morning that Sistic tickets will be capped at 4 tickets per person, which means that I will only be buying tickets for ‘staying up late’ and myself (plus my 2 friends). So I will not be accepting any more order.

Apologies for this, but since there is no other person who has indicated interest, I suppose it’s fine anyway 🙂

I guess they want to avoid people buying many tickets at one go and denying others the chance to get a ticket, as well as to prevent people buying excess tickets in order to sell in the black market at jacked-up prices.

For a small group of Singapore fans to attend the FM together

Terms & Conditions:

1. Limited to only 4 persons
(will review based on the situation)

(i) Due to online ticketing availability, I don’t think there are many who will want to order through me.
(ii) I’m not doing a mass order.
(iii) Keeping to a small group should make it more cosy
(iv) From group ticket purchase experience and my test just now on Sistic, the bigger the group is, the more disadvantaged it is.
For example, when buying 8 tickets, the system allocates you 8 tickets in a row. So if there is a row nearer to the stage with 5 available seats, we don’t get that. We will get the row behind with 8 seats.

So assuming if there are 4 people who want me to buy on their behalf, plus the 2 possible friends who are going with me, that’s already 7.

The smaller the group, the better! Please take note.

2. SGD S$188 + S$3 Sistic fee = S$191 per ticket
3. NO guarantee about seat location and prime view.
i.e. if the seat is not as good as you wanted, then sorry, I won’t be able to accept or act on your complaint / feedback because I’m not in Sistic customer service 🙂

I’ll do the best I can, be online as early as I can and try to get tickets as near the stage or central as possible. I hope Sistic does not lag on that morning.

4. In the super unlucky event that S$188 tickets are sold out, I will go for the next lower-price category.

5. Please refer to timeline below for your ACTION and reference. Your ticket order placed to me is ineffective until I receive your funds by the stipulated deadline.

6. Once your ticket is bought, no refund will be given.

7. This list of terms and conditions is not comprehensive. If there is anything I think of later, I’ll let you know 🙂

Ticket Order Namelist
1. Staying up late (space reserved for idea initiator, if u still want to order through me)
2. Aphrael77


25 Feb – 28 Feb
Leave a comment in response to this post if you want to order through me.
I’ll get in touch with you at the email address you stated here, to provide bank transfer details.

This will be based on the time at which your comment is left (first-come-first-served).

28 Feb
Last day for funds transfer

2 Mar (early morning)
I will purchase the tickets at Sistic website.

2 Mar (before 2 pm S’pore time)
I will email to you the results of the purchase, together with a pdf scan of your ticket.

2 Mar – 6 Mar
I will arrange to pass the ticket to you at MRT stations only (preferably near central), on weekday evenings and Sat 5 Mar evening / night.

7 Mar, 10 am
For those Category A tickets (if we get it) and if you want to place order for autograph pass or photo-taking pass, you need to email Colored Rhythms yourself to place your own order. Refer to www.jksinsingapore.com for details.

Lastly, for fans living in other countries, due to additional bank transfer costs and the few working days needed for transfer (i.e. we’re coming to the weekend here in Singapore already), I would suggest that you buy the ticket yourself on Sistic website. If you need help from me regarding any aspect of your trip, I can try my best to advise.

0 thoughts on “[Personal] Singapore FM Ticket Order through Aphrael77”

  1. Hey Aphrael, you’re so nice to be doing this for fans…
    I’m not sure if I can go in my current condition but I’ll really be bummed if I can’t go 🙁 So I guess I’ll have to decide and get the tickets on my own.

    But thanks so much for offering!

  2. Dear Aphrael,

    Thank you for posting. Same to you, I also do some testing in sistic, if you want good seat, maybe limit to 2 to 3 ticket per purchase, I believe a lot of fans will jump in at 9am, so if you take up to 7 seats, seems no advantage, may be decrease the chance of allocating good seat for yourself.

    That’s why I standby my pc and mobilephone on that day, to try to log in as early as possible once opening at 9am. I just can’t wait………..

    See you soon


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