[24 Feb 2011] Codes Combine autograph – Videos!

Credits: kawaiifrog0216

OMG!! Jang Keun Suk is soooooo CUTE!

Look at the way he talks to that fan wearing the rabbit-ears hairband!
Look at the intensity of his gaze and his smile! OMG, if I were her, I’ll absolutely faint!!
And I think I’ll blank out, like I can’t think of anything meaningful to say to him!!

Video 2 below. I spent a few seconds trying to figure out what the difference is between the 2 videos, think there are some slight differences but will leave it up to you to figure them out!

Credits: mrsjanggeunsuk

6 thoughts on “[24 Feb 2011] Codes Combine autograph – Videos!”

  1. I simplely fainted in his charming smile, so warm, so gentle. Seems I only has to buy his expensive ticket in order to buy another Autograph Pass. Luckily I has’t buy any birthday gift for myself yet, so I am going to buy my previous gift.

  2. Among the Korean Celebrity that I know of he is one who has the best fan service. You will see his sincerity & love for his fans by always acknowledging them whenever he sees one. And by being an eel you will surely be proud to be one.

  3. Aww…his smile melts our heart!

    Through my observation, in this video, JKS seems not so energetic…probably due to his tight schedules? His eyes doesn’t concentrate much at the media. Guess, something bothers him! and he looked tired too…..
    Poor him 🙁

  4. *melts*

    Each time I see him interacting with fans he seems so “honnest”, he gives himself to the fullest! He totally deserves the love.

  5. I can sense his true heart towards people that’s why i love him..

    that’s what i thought too.. he seems sad and tired..


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