[30.06.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & staff twitter

Guen-chan’s Zikzin (Go-straight; highly recommended) listing in Busan!! Crab is highly recommended. Please try it! In addition, angler is also worth trying!!
ぐんちゃんのブサンでのzikzinリスト!!カニタンがいちばんおすすめ! ぜひたべてみてね!アンコ肉もおすすめ!!

To: Becky
I got up earlier this morning, but I suddenly missed you. Becky-chan! Please visit Busan! Today I hold a party with eels in Busan~~~
@Becky_bekiko 朝早めにおきたけどとつぜんベッキーちゃんが会いたいになちゃった。ベッキーちゃん!ブサンにきてね!今日はブサンでうなぎパチがあるよん~~~

Becky: Wow! I’ve been surprised since morning! I want to go to Busan someday! I wish you can entertain as many eels as possible at the party!
JKS: Of course! I’ll do my best!!
“@Becky_bekiko: わ!朝からびっくり!私もいつかブサンいきたいです!パチで、たくさんのうなぎさんをしあわせにしてくださいね!ㅡはーい!がんばります!!

Becky-chan… she’s a good person… We appreciate she’s been friendly since morning. lol.

We’ve come to feel that our boss is like an old man…(。-_-)

Probably… the first thing our boss does in the morning must have checked Becky’s follower …kkk

For the first time in a year….!!!!!
1년 만에…!!!

Lotte Hotel entrance hall
롯데호텔 행사장 입구

Gyao~ Frau gave ma a watch!!
꺄오 프라우가 시계사줬어!!
tenshi_akuma’s note: Frau revealed that it was made of paper…-_-

Prince checks the video in advance! He checks everything as always~!
사전 영상 체크하는 프린스! 언제나 그렇듯 체크맨~!
tenshi_akuma’s note: Tree-J staff calls him “check man”.

I checked my part. I hope today’s event will proceed smoothly… I hope it can convey his warmth.
내 몫의 체크는 끝이 났다. 오늘 행사가 무사 직진되기를… 마음이 전해지는 시간이었으면 좋겠다

My heart is always beating behind the scenes! It will work well! It’s gonna be great! Everyone’s smile leads to win at the end.
무대 뒤에서 언제나 이렇게 두근두근! 잘 될거야, 잘 할거야! 마지막엔 모두가 웃는 얼굴이길

It was over! Thanks to everyone!! I’m happy to see everyone smiled. Bring back your good memory!
終わりました! みんなありがとう!! 絵顔で良かった いい物だけ持ってください

7 thoughts on “[30.06.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & staff twitter”

  1. He seems to love to portray a playful and playboy image. I hope Becky won’t find him annoying haha.

    I wonder did the FM turns out well. I hope all the fans are happy.

    I read one account of the staff working for Lotte and she said very nice words of JKS.

    She said that there is always laughter in the room where he was resting. He is very polite and he would approach and greet every staff helping out for the FM and thanks them sincerely. He was very professional. He checked every aspect of FM personally, including the workflow, the lighting, stage, video etc. He was very concerned about the Japanese fans who attended and even asked the staff about them. I think he really hope the fans would be able to enjoy the day with him and had a nice stay at Korea.

      • I love reading BTS too.He is really a super nice person. Too bad, a lot of people do not understand him and think that he is arrogant.

    • Mindy, thank you so much for sharing the fan account. I love reading Sukkie’s fan account, especial from non-eels coz I want to know how they feeling toward Sukkie. Of course, I don’t expect all the people whom he had encountered with would like him. As long as, they have some neutral respects of him being a fine artiste and a good person…..Isn’t that too much to ask for??

      It often pained my heart hearing people saying so horrible names or things about him, when they don’t know anything about him. People tend to judge other people purely based on the surface. That’s SAD!!!

      In my opinion, JKS is sooo misunderstood by so many people. Sometime, I don’t understand why so many people think he’s horrible arrogant person. Since I have been followed him for more than 2 yrs now, I’m only witnessing The GREATNESS of JKS. Yess….he can be naughty, playful, and crazy going person, but he always always show he cares and treats his family, eels/fans, staffs, or even stranger people on the street (based on his Asia Tour BTS) well. Everyone who know him, work with him, meet him, all said JKS is a nice, generous, and smart person,….. also handsome….LOL I have never witness JKS shown any disrespectful or done any (unintentional) hurtful things to anyone.

      Well, all said and done, one person cannot possible please everyone in this world!! So I learn to mind those ignorance people who like to bash other STARs that not their own.

      To me, as long as, Sukkie is still working and producing projects (bad or good), I will always stand him, by being his supportive eel. Will always keep on spreading Sukkie’s love everywhere I go….kekekeke

    • Those who criticized him and made such comment that he is arrogant only read negative opinions about Sukkie. I’m sure they did not read personal accounts of those who knew him and have personal experience how Sukkie is so polite and caring to his fans & colleagues. Many misunderstood his being straight forward and honest about his opinions. And many of these who made negative comments of him are fans of other idols who maybe threatened of his growing popularity, scared of his many talents.


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