8 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] NATURE REPUBLIC 1st anniversary event_20120627”

  1. Finally, Thank you so much Kaori Chan ^___^ You don’t have to say sorry, you have done so much for international eels… really appreciate all your hard work ^____^

  2. Thank you Kaori chan. What would we do without you? You did so much for us, eels around the world, so we can understand him better. Very much appreciate everything you have done in this blog.

    Hahaha…first time touching a woman skin…what’s a white liar you are..LOL Bad boy!!!

    Awww… the girl felt nervous working near him….so understandable. Sukkie makes every woman heart racing being near him….or so worrying to dead he is so pretty, much prettier than some girls……LOLL

  3. No need to apologize, just knowing what they are talking about meant a lot to us. Really like the girl who worked with JKS in the commercial. She reminds me of Park Shin Ye.

  4. Dear Tenshi, thank you so much for your hardwork in subbing.
    We are very grateful to all of you for translating Sukkie’s work to english so that
    all international eels get to know him better.
    Thank you again to those who man this blog.

  5. thank you very much kaori ^_^

    sukkie ah, who would believe its your first time touched woman’s skin..keke..
    anna-san were so lucky..:)


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